Dr. Martin Geoffreys, a Leading Sports and Rehab Chiropractor Brings Innovative Treatment Technique, FAKTR-PM, to Dana Point, Ca.

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Dr. Martin Geoffreys, D.C., CCSP, specializes in FAKTR-PM, an effective treatment protocol to manage and eliminate pain. FACTR-PM treatment uses specific instruments and specific 'active release' techniques to expedite healing. With over 17 years experience, Dr. Geoffreys treats patients from all walks of life, including children, seniors, professional and weekend athletes with ailments ranging from acute to chronic. Dr. Geoffreys is the only FAKTR-PM certified chiropractor located in Orange County, Ca.

Just about everything I do is repetitive

Dr. Martin Geoffreys is a fully licensed Southern California Chiropractor with 17 years of experience relieving pain and facilitating an improved quality of life for his patients.

Dr. Geoffreys' patient population includes those with a variety of sports specific injuries, pre and post surgical aliments, as well as general pain from normal wear and tear. He also treats patients with body pain that has not occurred from a specific event, but has developed from congenital mis-alignment, poor habitual posture, and/or repetitive over-use, leaving the patient vulnerable to acute or chronic conditions.

"I see a lot of patients who suffer from 'overuse injuries'. You name it...constant computer use, golfing, biking, surfing, playing soccer, tennis...and even playing a musical instrument can lead to nagging and sometimes debilitating pain. Any one of us can suffer from repetitive movement injuries and this can lead to a cycle of pain, which occurs when 'overuse' progresses to compensating and protective movement patterns. These unconscious and stilted movements are often the source of acute aches and pains," says Geoffreys.

"When a patient is experiencing a high level of pain, we work to alleviate those symptoms immediately. Treatments warm, lengthen, and gently move (manipulate) the distress. Then, we look to determine the origin of the pain, and this is usually in a different part of the body."

The FAKTR-PM method uses instruments that work deeply into the point of origin of affected tissue. In some situations, the patient is asked to perform specific and gentle movements. These functional movements incorporated with the instruments begin the re-patterning process by sending new messages to the brain. In effect, it teaches the patient how to 'release' the body part. Because the treatment is combined with the patient duplicating movements of their sport, or activity while on the table each treatment is a 'lesson'. Engaging the patient is a powerful aspect of FAKTR-PM treatments. Together the doctor and patient can accomplish faster, longer lasting and better outcomes.

"It may seem counterintuitive, but pain from an injury or surgery, can actually be generated when the body is in a healing mode. In these cases, a thickening of the tissue (think internal scarring) can become the source of pain and detriment to healing. The scar tissue blocks natural healing functions. When connective tissue scars, it causes 'knots', limits fluid supply, and can interfere with nerve repair. FAKTR-PM treats thickening and thickened connective tissue and facilitates lengthening and thinning of internal blockages from scar tissue to pave the way for optimal healing, "adds Dr. Geoffreys.

When 59-year-old patient, Bunny Brunel, came to Dr. Geoffreys' for treatment, he described his body to be 'locked' up. Brunel is a professional musician with a demanding travel schedule of worldwide tours, and a passion for tennis.

"Just about everything I do is repetitive," he says. "Dr. Geoffreys continues to study effective treatments and then he educates me. For the last couple of years, I've been having FAKTR- PM treatments and we've been able to reduce my pain. Occasionally I go in for maintenance treatments and enjoy my life, on the road and on the court"

Dr. Geoffreys sets the bar high for himself and his patients. He believes successful treatment is an active partnership. The common goals: a return to balance, health and the pain free activities...of optimal functional health. When career athletes want to stay in and/or get back in the game, they turn to Geoffreys as their 'go to guy'. Geofferys' 'body tune ups' are a must and can keep all running smoothly.

'Like a machine, our body parts work in unison. When there's pain in the leg, the hip might compensate, and soon, all movements are preformed out of alignment. Before you know it, you're in acute pain with limited function. Just about everyone can benefit from an occasional 'tune-up'", says Geoffreys.

Competitive surfers call yoga teacher Peggy Hall the 'guru of movement'. Her workshops gear the ancient disciplines of yoga: increased stability, focus, concentration and balance to surfers of all levels. After leading workshops, she calls on Dr. Geoffreys for her own 'tune-up'.

"Following a training, I need aligning, and I visit Dr. Geoffreys. He sums up my 'state' and applies the right modality best for me. We've had very fast results with FAKTR-PM treatments, because it's such deep work, and also re-educational."

Dr. Geoffreys' office is located in the Ralph's shopping center in Dana Point. Office hours are available by appointment, Monday-Friday. To make an appointment, call: 949 248-1314.
For questions about the latest treatments for optimal heath, please email: mgeoffreys(at)cox(dot)net


FAKTR-PM stands for "Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation, Provocation and Motion." It was developed to help speed recovery from chronic muscular pain syndromes and has also been shown to work extremely well on acute muscular skeletal/fascial conditions.
Chronic pain results from dysfunction of the sensorimotor system, which is manifested in soft tissue and fascia. This new treatment approach to soft tissue dysfunction combines instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization with proprioceptive techniques to reduce pain and return function.

Clinical experience has demonstrated that combining manual treatment of soft tissue with proprioceptive exercises produces faster results than conventional treatment methods.

FAKTR-PM was developed by Tom Hyde DC, Greg Doerr DC, and Vince DeBono DC in 2002.

This is a manual treatment and is to be provided by trained and certified chiropractors, physical therapists certified athletic trainers, medical doctors, occupational therapists, podiatrists and dentists.


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