Rising Sun Insider John Craig Releases First Chapter of his Novel 'Japanthropologist' Free on November Eleventh

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Journalist, filmaker, writer and public speaker John Craig has lived and worked in Japan for over 35 years. During that time he has mastered both the language and cultural skills necessary to be rightly regarded as a true insider. His insights and knowledge of Japan particularly concerning its underworld, are incisive and entertaining in this, his first novel.

John Craig is the world's first Japanthropologist, a cultural and linguistic expert highly familiar with the world's least known country. He is an expert in the language and has worked as a translator and interpreter for leading edge scientists, thinkers and politicians. As a writer he has published 25 books dealing with the phenomenon of information and time acceleration, psychology, physics, ancient history and pilgrimage. He is a documentary film maker, public speaker and was the first person to teach remote viewing in Japan. All of this background has combined with his unique connection to Japan's underworld, the yakuza, to create a one of a kind novel.

Entitled simply 'Japanthropologist' it is based on the true story not only of the yakuza hiring him to make a film about 2012 but is also a prophetic look at why we should take the ideas concerning 2012 more seriously. In it the plot unfolds in four countries along with leading edge insights into plasma physics, ancient cultures, alchemy and DNA research. It is both a brilliant fantasy and a highly possible future scenario for a world spiraling deeper into chaos by the minute.

The least likely characters in the redemption of a current world that seems hell bent on destruction are the yakuza, the main characters in this story. Feared in Japan and now well known in films internationally for their tattooed backs and their samurai swords, their inside world is revealed through their dealings with the plot's hero-a fallen Jesuit priest. These damaged souls are led on a quest that takes them to an MI6 British psychic, an alchemically coded cross in France, a time traveling group in Italy and finally to a soul stirring ceremony with a wizened jungle shaman in Peru.

The conclusion is as startling as the very research that laid the foundation for this novel. After 25 non-fiction books John Craig, the Japanthropologist, weaves a tale of two worlds that just might be true. Though the characters have been altered to save the author from persecution in Japan there can be no doubt that the reader will know the truth. The yakuza know about 2012 and are actively preparing for a new world order centered on the imperial Japanese system. It was for that reason they arranged for the author of this novel to receive a highly coveted cultural award in 2009 in their attempt to buy his loyalty to their cause. After failing to complete the production of a 2012 documentary with the author as its central character John Craig left their seedy world in disgust. What honour? What samurai spirit? In revenge for the hijacking of his name and his work by the yakuza John Craig has written a book that brings to a completion his relationship with them and with Japan. The entire novel crackles with the energy of this truth.

The first chapter, a short story in itself will be released for free from November 11th 2010.


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