Wide Area Workflow Automation Software Provides New Efficiencies for Department of Defense Suppliers

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As use of the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) government invoicing system becomes more universal, U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) suppliers seek ways to comply with DOD requirements without incurring unnecessary costs. New software from Mil-Pac Technology, Inc. promises to reduce data entry and increase efficiencies.

MIL-Comply Shipper creates new opportunities for companies wishing to begin to do business with the DOD, or for companies seeking ways to reduce costs and be more efficient shipping to the DOD.

Mil-Pac Technology, Inc. just released new software modules to assist DOD suppliers with shipment automation, including automated submission of WAWF transactions and printing of DOD shipping forms. Included in this software is the ability to download contract award data from the government and the ability to submit to WAWF ancillary data such as RFID & UID (Radio Frequency Identification & Unique Identification).

MIL-Comply Shipper™ (milpac.com/products/milcomplyshipper/index.html) is the newly-released base software module. This base package provides users the ability to enter all data related to a DOD shipment and to print a variety of forms (DD250, DD1348-1A, DD1149, etc.). MIL-Comply Shipper can be upgraded by adding options designed to fit the varied needs of DOD suppliers. Available options include:

  •     WAWF Option – Adds the ability to submit transactions to WAWF (Receiving Report, Invoice, Combo, etc.), as easily as sending an email. Each transaction is created in a single transaction file, which the software sends to WAWF across the internet in a compliant manner. Data then appears in WAWF just as if the user had spent much more time typing the data into WAWF.
  •     RFID Option – Adds the ability to include RFID data in WAWF transactions to comply with the DOD RFID mandate. Also included is the ability to add UID pack data to WAWF transactions (requires the UID Option).
  •     UID Option – Adds the ability to include UID data in WAWF Receiving Report and Combo transactions to comply with the DOD UID mandate and automatically register UIDs with the UID Registry. Supports end-item UIDs and first-level embedded UIDs.
  •     eAward Option – Adds the ability to download DOD contract awards and purchase requisitions (when available from the DOD). This data is automatically imported into MIL-Comply Shipper and pre-populates as many fields as possible, greatly reducing the amount of typing required. By starting the shipment process with the same data that WAWF uses to validate supplier shipment data, DOD suppliers have a much greater chance that submitted shipment data will pass validation the first time.

MIL-Comply Shipper is automatically integrated with MIL-Comply Labeling, allowing DOD suppliers to use shipment data that only had to be typed once (or not at all if downloaded by the eAward Option), to print all necessary compliant DOD shipping labels, including RFID tags.

“MIL-Comply Shipper creates new opportunities for companies wishing to begin to do business with the DOD, or for companies seeking ways to reduce costs and be more efficient shipping to the DOD,” says Dwain Farley, CEO of Mil-Pac Technology. “We included a comprehensive feature set, built the software from the ground up, and adopted a new aggressive pricing schedule.”

The release of MIL-Comply Shipper effectively lowers the bar to the point where any company can prepare military shipments as easily as they prepare commercial shipments. DOD suppliers can learn more about WAWF Automation at a no-obligation webinar (https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/365660571).

About Mil-Pac Technology
Mil-Pac Technology, Inc. (milpac.com) develops software that enables suppliers to meet the requirements of defense contract packaging and shipping. With over 2100 installs, Mil-Pac software provides powerful, flexible solutions for meeting the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF), RFID and UID mandates issued by the US Department of Defense. Since 1982, Mil-Pac has continually developed products that automate DD-Form processing, facilitate barcode label generation and support advanced electronic transactions.


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