Application Performance Requires Better Storage Performance - Another Kusnetzky Group Paper

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Application performance is not an academic issue. It is real and can mean the difference between a successful business and a failure.

Kusnetzky Group, Inc. today posted Application Performance Requires Better Storage Performance, another position paper intended to review the forces changing the market for information technology, virtualization and cloud computing. These position papers are written by the well known software analyst, Daniel Kusnetzky, who is the Kusnetzky Group LLC’s Distinguished Analyst and Managing Director, and the principal author of ZDnet's “Virtually Speaking.” This paper can be found on the Kusnetzky Group, LLC’s. Website.

Paper Overview

History has taught us that customers will not tolerate slow Websites or applications — they’ll simply go to another site offering a similar product or service. Regulatory agencies will not tolerate late reporting — they’ll issue fines and the publicity will hurt the organization’s reputation with customers and partners. Financial institutions need updated risk models or portfolio positions to make effective investment decisions. It is increasingly true that organizations in nearly all markets live or die by what their applications do for them. This is true regardless of whether their primary business is manufacturing, engineering, architecture, developing pharmaceuticals, offering financial products and services or something else. This means that their information systems must always perform well.

What Pain Does Poor Application Performance Cause?

Application performance goes beyond the fact that a system or group of systems are working in some datacenter. It includes the effectiveness of the computing resources, networking resources, storage resources and, of course, administrative processes and procedures. Applications that don’t meet performance expectations can create problems for organizations. The pain might be felt in many other areas that seem to be unrelated to the organization’s information systems.

What Can be Done?

This paper discusses how IT departments have addressed application performance issues in the past and how examining data bottlenecks and higher performing storage solutions can be fertile ground for improvement.

About Kusnetzky Group

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