10 Personalities Declared as Global Thematic Icons of the Decade 2001-2010

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The Decade Merit Scrutinum, under the aegis of The Sovereign Military Order Of Malta, divulges 5 important objects as the significant most objects of the decade, along with 10 persona- entities as the ‘Global Thematic Merit Icons of Decade’.

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The Man behind the Hood

Breaking News: An ‘International Assessment and Ranking Tapestry’, that is based upon a multifold ‘Reckon-surmising Verdict’, by The Decade Merit Scrutinum, under the aegis of The Sovereign Military Order Of Malta, divulges 5 important objects as the significant most objects of the decade, along with 10 persona- entities as the ‘Global Thematic Merit Icons of Decade’, in addition to those 2, who have been avowed to be declared as ‘Persons of the Decade 2001-2010’.

According to the verdict’s investiture, the persona-entities, gaining up to 38 points on the thematic tapestry, for ‘the impact’ they have had on different segment-orbs during the course of decade, have been decided upon for being nominated as ‘Global Thematic Merit Icons of Decade’, are; 1- Psychologist Stephen Soldz , 2- Prince Charles, 3- Julian Assange, 4- Nelson Mandela, 5- Prof. Emeritus Michel Chossudovsky, 6- Prof. Ali Shalal, 7- Prof. Auarangzeb Hafi, 8- Lt. Cmdr. Charles Swift, 9- Dr. Guy Peter Manners(Late), 10- Dr. Leonid Mikhailovich Roshal, respectively in the dominion-orbits of; 1- steadfastness in humanistic convictions in times of brutality, injustice, discriminated chauvinism and prejudiced bigotry; 2- philanthropic neutrality manifestations in monarchy; 3- candor-straightforwardness and ingenuousness of fact pronouncement in journalism; 4- unswerveness of stanchings for political reform fervors; 5- for the tremendous research contributions, both in writings as well as untiring services towards the bona fide ‘eye-opening’ and unveiling of the ‘ultimate truth’ through crudity of the stone; 6- for the courageous and determined testimony statutory declaration presented to the War Crimes Commission in Kuala Lumpur and for the torture and misery at Abu Gharib Prison, that were made enduring the world over, known to the world as, "The Man behind the Hood"; 7- multi-disciplinary research eruditions coupled with philosophical transcendentalism along with an unswerving conviction and solidarity towards the child-disability centered issues, extensively endorsed in Tsunami catastrophic management services,; 8- for the heroic victory in supreme court landmark case against the Guantanamo military tribunals and the decisiveness in the cross moments of adverseness and solidarity,; 9- for the ample-extensive envisioning of the present world towards energy medicine—an unsung but revolutionarily groundbreaking inventional theory that holds the potentials to impact the innovational course of the generation to come,; 10- for the astounding resolute negotiations during the Moscow Theater Hostage Crisis in 2002 and 2004 Beslan School Hostage Crisis. Whereas the two researchers; Stephen Soldz and Aurangzeb Hafi, gaining 38+(plus) points on the thematic tapestry, have been distinctly avowed to be nominated as the Thematic Merit ‘Persons of the Decade’.

The investiture’s endorsements of ‘fons honorum’ under article # 087-C/ H-6 give international legality to all governmental and non-governmental bodies hereby, to address the investiture inductees as ‘Their Judicious Eminence’ with their names.

‘Teratogens’ have been declared as the worst most objects of the decade and the ‘Teratogenic’ chemicals have been, unanimously and humanely agreed upon to be banned internationally and have been accepted as deserving to be the most ‘prioritized research issue’ for the next decade.

Depletion of eco-systems, especially the eco-sustainability horrifications of pure water mainly, due to the non-eco drainage or the non-eco sanination practices and secondly, due to the petro-chemical revolution, is worsening the scenario of environmental health hazardously. The issue has been graded as the hazardous most concern of the decade in connection to the environmental stability, as well as the urging subject-matter to be prioritized for the next decade.

“The conspiracy theories behind the ‘anti-terrorism’ war have brought the ‘anti-terrorism campaign’ worst more worst, than the ‘terrorism’ itself, by any measure—clearly endorse and authenticate all well researched statistics and substantial documental records…One must should think of the ‘treatment’ that becomes more worst than the ‘disease’ itself !” the conclusive saying of Prof. Aurangzeb Hafi, congregated, and accumulatedly essayed by Dr. Dass U. The conclusive saying has been granted a massively gargantuan unanimity for being affirmed as the ‘Connotational Thematic Dictum-assertion of The Decade’.

Complementary Alternative Medicines (CAM) have been agreed upon to be the choice of decade as economically viable, as well as the safest modes of treatment for common ailments in general, and in chronic or complicated diseases, in particular.

Likewise, 5 NGOs namely Helen Keller International, The International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC), Tzu-chi Taiwan, Inclusion International and MAVSO Intl. have been declared as the Thematic Organizations of the Decade.

The thematic decade merit verdict holds several distinctions and dissimilarities to numerous those, similar ones, not only in terms of policies and the procedural commencements but also for indexing the towering-intellectualism capability academicians and researchers like Psychologist Stephen Soldz, Prof. Aurangzeb Hafi, Prof. Ali Shalal, Prof. Emeritus Michel Chossudovsky and Dr. Leonid Mikhailovich Roshal, besides the well documented measures and the burly strapping indicators adopted by the verdict scrutinum, on a ‘just merit basis’.        

The raison d’ être of the ‘Reckon-surmising Tapestry’ was to recognize the efforts made by the individuals, societies or institutions that set global examples of solidarity, humanity, peace, research, dissemination, ethicicity and above all, the morality, justice and the truth.

The chief goal and objective of devising such a ranking tapestry was to identify such persona-entities whose undertakings, renderings, accomplishments or even words of mouth made a difference or marked the shifts, and not only those, who just populated the headlines. The verdict emphasizes upon, and therefore, attempts to trigger up what the world’s media campaigns as well as the public eyes are missing out on.

The Decade Merit Scrutinum, principally aimed at, and strived for the assurance to fairly select, carefully assess, judiciously weigh, deservedly evaluate and accordingly ratify the deliberated undertakings and renderings, with a firm faith in, and an unswerving stanched commitment to, the highest possible competency, utmost intellectual honesty and the best doable transparency, having the strict codes of high academic reverence.

The pre-requisite element fraction, unanimously decreed upon for the appended pretenses of the acclamation assertions within the divulged subjugations, was to reckon and surmise the meritorious renderings and undertakings with a purely non political, impartial and unbiased consensus of diverse institutional conglomerations and other academic sectors and institutional segments of relevance.

Benefactions of the ‘verdict’ held the concurrence of over 90711 universities and academic circles, under the auspices-premonition of which, the summing up abridgement of 17921 persona entities from almost all walks of life, out of over 179 countries were brought into deliberations, in order to subjugate the verdict investiture.

The summary of the decision, narrated by the SMOM’s Grand Magistry, the Lieutenancy, and the Hereditary Magisterial Functionary together with prosecutors and defenders under the patronage and Authority of The Sovereign Military Order Of The Knights Hospitallers of Malta, under its International Legality ’MOTU PROPRIO’- Act- 09, Article # 387, Section-9 of the ‘Pro-Merito Melitensi’ Resolution No.119/X11-C.R.V/11/01/011—Verdict- 2011 endorsed the conclusion pronouncements thereupon, and notarized henceforth, in 203 priories of Atlantic and Pacific, on 11/01/011.

As the verdict took its 123rd (the last) ratification endorsement and opened to be hand signed by the Judicial Magisterial Functionaries on 11th, the historic name it gains is the ‘Eleven One Eleven Merit Verdict’.

Special notes have been made for; Julian Assange’s Wiki-leaks’ contributions for bringing into the public domain, the tremendous and massively gargantuan horrifying evidence, that is compelling, undeniable and that tells the cores of conspiracy theories, otherwise untold, for; Aurangzeb Hafi’s ‘The Sea of Mirage in Eyes of The Water’ for it unfolds and dialogues logico-rationally the ‘contextualized falsifications’ in a classical argumentative scholastic way and manner that makes the transcendental discussions, the realms reserved for the trajectory of centuries to come, and for; Stephens Soldz’s talk on ‘Psychology and Coercive Interrogations In Historical Perspective--Aid and Comfort for Torturers’ for it’s contents, it’s massages, which are the reminders, to all on the earth, for a resistance to the hegemony and prevalence of illegality, immorality, deception and unethicicity. The talk holds enough the righteousness in it, that the ‘Ethics’, ‘Moralities’ and ‘Legislation’ institutions around the world should, might have to stand up to take the note of!

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