"No Drains" Tummy Tuck: Toronto and Mississauga Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Weinberg Introduces this Revolutionary Procedure

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This new and improved method allows for shorter surgical time, added safety, easier recovery, and tighter result for patients undergoing Tummy Tuck, Mississauga and Toronto Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Weinberg explains.

"No Drains" Tummy Tuck is a new method of surgery that allows patients to avoid the need for surgical drains post operatively, and it has many advantages. As Chief of Plastic Surgery at Trillium Health Centre, one of the largest teaching hospitals in Ontario, Mississauga Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Michael Weinberg is actively involved in research, teaching and innovation, and is always abreast of the latest improvements in surgical techniques that will better the experience and surgical results for his patients. While others may recently claim to have first invented this technique, Dr. Weinberg and others of his colleagues have been extolling the virtues of this latest improvement in Tummy Tuck surgery for the last many months, as experience has shown it to be wonderfully beneficial! It has now become his routine recommended method of Tummy Tuck in Toronto and Mississauga.

What many people don't realize about Tummy Tuck is that during the procedure, in addition to removing loose skin and fat, an experienced Tummy Tuck surgeon like Dr. Weinberg will also tighten the stomach muscles that have become lax. He will then stitch the skin back down over the muscular abdominal wall. Then as part of the healing process, one’s tissues typically produce fluid which, in conventional tummy tuck, tends to accumulate in the space between the skin and the muscle wall after the procedure. Plastic tubes, called drains, are usually inserted beneath the skin in conventional Tummy Tuck, and left in place during the initial recovery period, in order for this fluid to drain, until they were removed several days after surgery.

Now, because of Dr. Weinberg's use of a novel type of suture called a Quill suture during Tummy Tuck, Toronto and Mississauga patients can enjoy improved results and recovery. The sutures have small barbs that firmly adhere the overlying skin flap to the abdominal wall. Advantages include a firmer, taughter muscular repair, and reduced surgical time, which results in added safety because surgical complications are fewer when surgery is faster and shorter. And , of course, because there is no longer a space between skin and muscle for fluid to accumulate, there is no need for drains! This means much greater comfort and ease of mobility after surgery. And, no second procedure to remove the drains several days later!

Tummy Tuck is an ideal procedure for people who have had sizable fluctuations in weight, such as with pregnancy, with resulting loose stomach muscles and stubborn fat that won’t go away with exercise and diet. In fact, further weight loss can sometimes accentuate the loose hanging skin in the abdominal area. For focal areas of excess fat alone, Dr. Weinberg will often suggest a less invasive treatment, like Liposonix (high frequency ultrasound fat reduction) or liposouction. Toronto and Mississauga patients find that, as an expert in body contouring, he is able to offer them all the best and most up to date options, both surgical and non surgical, at his fully accredited surgical clinic in Mississauga, the Mississauga Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Clinic, and his conveniently located second location in downtown Toronto, the Toronto Plastic Surgery Clinic.

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