Holding Hands Around the World is a Real “HEAD TRIP” with New Book

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Author Jack Eadon’s new novel “HEAD TRIP” is being launched with the first ever worldwide live and cyber book release party. Readers across the globe are “virtually” coming together to experience the live debut of this American Drama series novel.

With a fan base that stretches around the world, Jack Eadon, author of the “American Drama series,” wanted to give all his readers the opportunity to attend the release of his latest book. The result is a unique and groundbreaking event—the worldwide live and cyber launch of his new novel “HEAD TRIP” (ISBN 9780982495407, Eloquence Press, 2011).

On Sunday, April 10th, “HEAD TRIP,” a powerful new novel by Jack Eadon about Super Twins whose envious rivalry leads to dangerous results, debuts at the first ever worldwide live and cyber book release party. As innovative in his event planning as his novels, author Jack Eadon has created “twin events” to mirror his super twins, Marcus and Roger Ramsay of “HEAD TRIP.” Eadon knows his many fans would love to experience his book release party in person, but since his readers stretch around the globe, not everyone can make it.

The solution—a worldwide book signing to be hosted both live and online. The live event begins on Sunday, April 10th, with a party hosted at Tustin, California’s premier Italian Restaurant, Flavio’s Italian Kitchen. Eadon will read from “HEAD TRIP,” talk about the book and introduce the American Drama series, play the “HEAD TRIP” book video, and sign copies for his fans.

The online event allows readers around the world to join in the release party. Eadon will have the party videotaped and broadcast on his website April 17th, allowing visitors to access and participate at a twin online party. Eadon has already begun to promote the event with hundreds of fliers being mailed in waves, and registrations are being received from Canada to Switzerland, and the United Kingdom to Myanmar. Pre-registration is required for the live and online events. Eadon will have a drawing of registered “guests” at the cyber-signing and award a free copy of HEAD TRIP to each winner. Visit http://www.EadonBooks.com for more details on all the release party opportunities and to register.

Eadon’s writing career has included six other novels, including “Gigolo on the Row” and “Lacey’s Day,” all of which are installments in the American Drama Series that focuses on the Seven Deadly Sins. As Eadon knows, we are all human, and the Seven Deadly Sins influence us all. His novels are about American characters, but their themes and messages are universal. Readers come together, empathizing with Eadon’s very human characters, to realize we are all human, we all have our fears and dreams. Eadon believes his books make people embrace one another for their faults and virtues, a type of handholding across boundary lines of gender, race, and creed—a coming together that is a real “head trip” for all.

About the Author
Jack Eadon’s writing career was launched in high school when he began a decade in rock music by writing songs for the band “Khazad Doom.” Many of his songs had a moralistic drama theme, which he has continued in his “American Drama Series” that focuses on the Seven Deadly Sins. After earning an MBA and doing a stint in the corporate world, Eadon opened his own business in southern California. Today, he writes full-time and is the author of numerous books. “HEAD TRIP” to be released on April 10, 2011, is the debut novel in his “American Drama Series.”

“HEAD TRIP” (ISBN 9780982495407, Eloquence Press, 2011) can be purchased through local and online bookstores and at http://www.EadonBooks.com where all Jack Eadon’s books are available and video previews of all of Eadon’s books are available to watch. Publicity contact: http://www.ReaderViews.com. Review copies available upon request.

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