Texas Young Republican Federation Calls for "Administrative Cuts, Prioritizing the Classroom & Fiscal Transparency" in Education Financing

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Texas Young Republican Federation Calls for "Administrative Cuts, Prioritizing the Classroom & Fiscal Transparency" in State Education Financing: Observe the Republican Party of Texas Platform, Fix Class Room Expenditures for Staff, Maintain Online Check Registers, Demand School Board Accountability

The State of Texas is facing a well publicized budget shortfall for the upcoming biennium. Due to the amount of this shortfall, the state legislature is being forced to look at every expenditure in order to find ways to make the necessary cuts to balance the budget. Unfortunately education spending is also being scrutinized and will inevitably be cut.

Kristy Moore, Chairwoman of the Texas Young Republican Federation (http://www.texasyoungrepublicans.com) said, "It is important that elected officials in the legislature hear from everyone, but not just our displeasure - also our ideas and reasoning. When Young Republicans reach out to their elected officials it is important that they remind them of the Republican Party of Texas Platform and the emphasis the Platform places on education." She noted that of the ten guiding principles listed in the beginning of the Platform, #7 reads; “Having an educated population, with parents having the freedom of choice for the education of their children.”

The Republican Party of Texas Platform goes further and offers opportunities for the legislature to make the necessary cuts while preserving the integrity of children’s education.

Classroom Expenditures for Staff –
Texas Young Republican Federation (TYRF) supports having 80% of school district payroll expenses of professional staff of a school district be full-time classroom teachers.

In the 1970’s the teacher to administrator ratio at schools in the State of Texas was around 4 teachers to every 1 administrator, that ratio has recently gone to a near 1 to 1 ratio. As Republicans in the State of Texas the TYRF believes that the focus of district personnel should be in the classroom not in administration. There is not only room for movement in this area but improvement.

Funding of Education –
Educating Texans is a priority for Texas taxpayers. In order to prioritize education spending, it is necessary to maximize the percentage of school funds that are directed toward instructional purposes. TYRF urges the Legislature to direct expenditures to academics first (books, desks, and teachers), then to non-academic activities; to provide funding for state mandates on local districts; and to not increase state taxes.

According to the Texas Young Republican Federation, Texas legislators need to know that passing unfunded mandates down to the local level is a bad idea. Unfunded mandates are a poor idea when the Federal Government does it and equally are poor when the state does it to local Independent School Districts. School boards are elected to direct the education of the children within their district not the state legislature.

In times of crisis it is necessary to prioritize; and that should be no different for the legislature and school districts. Before cuts are determined Young Republicans should point to this section and ask legislators and school board members to do that very thing – Prioritize!

A significant amount of focus has been placed on the Texas state legislature regarding the pending cuts to education spending. It is important that these legislators know what is expected and where cuts can be tolerated.

It is equally important that Texans hold their local school board members accountable for their spending habits. The Superintendants and School Board members across the state are asking parents to call their elected officials in Austin, but what about the decisions that they have made?

The state distributes the money but these Independent School Board members decide where to spend it. These board members are the ones that have more power to prioritize the districts spending, and these are the board members who are approving the inflated salaries - such as Beaumont ISD’s Superintendent who is the highest paid in the State of Texas and who is making over $350,000 annually according to the Texas Tribune (February, 2011).

Transparency of Expenses -
TYRF supports legislation requiring all school districts to post their check registers online or made readily available to the public.

Before Texans are asked to dip further into their pockets, all residents must have a chance to review current administrative expenditures.

Young Republicans historically are individuals who through grassroots conservative activism have stood united as a collective voice to call for leadership, timely and reasonable discourse, and most importantly – action. The Texas Young Republican Federation is a professional community of conservative young leaders across Texas – knowledgeable of the issues unique to their community, yet well versed in how Texas’ diversities weave together to make a landscape of Texas greatness.

Brian Dawson, Political Action Director for TYRF emphasized action - "Let your elected legislators and school board members hear from you, share your concerns for your local districts and communities with them and make clear your solutions are thought out, as any Texas Young Republican would – with the vast scope of hope and determination for many successful Texas generations to come!"

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Texas Young Republican Federation
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Texas Young Republican Federation
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Texas Young Republican Federation

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Contact Information:
Kristy Moore
Chairwoman, Texas Young Republican Federation
(972) 523 – 2050

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