A New Concept Laboratories Arthritis and Gout Treatment Cream Combines Medical Research, Nanotechnology and Natural Pain Relief Ingredients

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The Concept Laboratories arthritis and gout treatment story is actually three amazing stories in one. (1) Capsaicin medical research (2) Advanced nanotechology pain relief ingredient delivery (3) Introduction of the first timed-release topical pain relief brand, MyOmega 3 (http://www.gouttreatment.ultimizer.com)

MyOmega Heat Therapy Cream

How did nanotechnology and and nature’s best anti-inflammation,pain relief ingredient come together? In a new OTC arthritis and gout treatment product--MyOmega 3

For the estimated 27 million Americans who suffer from osteoarthritis and gout, a new OTC pain relief treatment is now available direct from the formulating laboratory.

Concept Laboratories recently introduced an advanced topical treatment for acute pain and chronic pain sufferers. MyOmega 3 Heat Therapy cream leads the way into a safe new era of home based arthritis and gout treatment solutions.

The Chili Pepper wonder ingredient, capsaicin, is making big headlines today. New medical research studies conducted by universities across the world report the surprising pain effectiveness of capsaicin while it offers surprising opportunities in the treatment of gout, arthritis, strokes and even some cancers. It helps arthritis sufferers by lowering the levels of Decapeptide Substance P (DSP) in the synovial fluid of joints and breaking down DSP, which otherwise can destroy cartilage and also magnify the sensing of pain.

Capsaicin has also been scientifically and clinically shown to gradually deplete Substance P, the chemical in the body that creates the sensation of localized pain. Unlike oral pain relievers, which often lead to an increased tolerance to the treatment, The hot ingredient in chili peppers is the only pain-relieving agent that actually works better over time and aids long-term healing without prescription drug type side effects. Capsaicin binds to specific receptors on the nerves responsible for pain. When the cells open, extra calcium enters. The nerves become overwhelmed and shut down, thus numbing the pain from several weeks to months. It has no known harmful interactions with prescription drugs and the only side effect is a temporary stinging or burning sensations when applied topically. MyOmega 3, with it’s advanced timed-release nanotechnology, has put an end to the typical skin burning response of capsaicin. That’s a big part of the reason why MyOmega Heat Therapy Cream is the new treat-at-home option for arthritis and gout treatment.

An Advanced nanotechology discovery.

MyOmega 3 is the only natural pain relief solution with a deep penetrating nano-particle topical delivery system that spreads powerful natural ingredients like capsaicin directly into local pain areas. The use of Nanotechnology reduces particles to ultra-micro-size particles to provide deep penetration into a specific pain area. Without dilution of pain relief ingredients. Without ingredient residue left to irritate skin or stain clothing. The breakthrough nano-delivery-system called Icepearls incorporates nanospheres within microspheres with timed release sustained action. http://www.gouttreatment.ultimizer.com/MyOmegaTherapy.html

What makes MyOmega 3 one the best topical pain treatments on the planet?

Sustained nanosphere action. MyOmega 3 is the only natural pain relief topical formulated with deep penetrating, timed-release nano-particles. Each nanosphere within the Icepearls system has a designed-in release time. Some nanospheres are activated immediately when a MyOmega 3 cream or spray is applied. The initial application immediately releases a complex of pain relief ingredients. Other nanospheres are encapsulated within microspheres which have individualized release barriers of varying thicknesses. As the time-based barriers dissolve, new pain relief ingredients release into a target pain area for continuing reduction of inflammation and pain. The pain relief process is sustained for up to 6 hours.

Concept Laboratories also offers a Menthol and Camphor-based formula with two different application methods: a Triple Strength Pain Relief Rub and a Targeted Relief Spray. The nano-encapsulated spray is useful for pain sufferers who are unable to reach painful areas on their back or feet.

Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Sleep Benefits.

Timed-release nanotechnology provides cooling relief and works especially well for relieving fibromyalgia pain spikes and Lupus downs. The menthol/camphor/omega based rub and spray works all through the night which contributes to relaxing sleep and helps you wake refreshed.

Concept Laboratories in Chicago is a leading formulator OTC products for skin, hair and anti-aging treatment at home. The company specializes in private label branding and contract laboratory services for a growing number of global marketing clients. It also markets a line of pet products and MyOmega 3 pain relief products direct to the consumer.

The CEO of Concept Laboratories, Joel Heifitz, knows how severe chronic pain can profoundly effect a persons lifestyle. He’s been there. After suffering a tragic swimming accident, Joel is confined to a wheelchair. For the past six years, he has battled pain everyday and pushed himself to the limit just to work productively. His mission is now one of helping other pain sufferers live better and more productive lives.

For information about MyOmega 3 bulk purchases, b2b laboratory services and private labeling, and potential interviews, please call Mike Fleming at 866.312.7744


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