J.P. Morgan Economic Survey Signals Moderate Growth for 2011, but Unemployment Still High: Non-profit Charity CEO Talks About What the New Year Holds for Charitable Giving

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J.P. Morgan published an article stating that the US is seeing moderate economic growth and improving unemployment rates. Vincent Everett, Works of Life International Ministries CEO, issues a press release in which he talks about what 2011 economic projections indicate for charitable giving. Everett urges Americans not to be content with slight improvements, because according to him the US is still in a financial crisis in which many people continue to suffer.

“We are on the ground where it matters. Jobs are just as hard to come by today as they were when Obama came into office. If you are a member of the philanthropic community you’ll see just how bad the economy still is.”
-Vincent Everett

To say the US hit an economic snag in 2010 is a bit like putting a doily on top of the elephant in the room hoping it just blends in. But there is no way to sugar coat the immensity of the 2010 economic crisis. Some economists go as far as to call this economic slump the worst since the Great Depression. But for millions of Americans the worst case scenario is happening anyway, with many losing their jobs and homes in a time of economic uncertainty. "As a nation," says Vincent Everett (CEO of Works of Life International Ministries), "we are craving good news." Still, he adds, many are pessimistic about 2011 because of high unemployment.

“The last thing we need right now is to be slapped in the face with bleak economic predictions for the incoming year,” says the Works of Life CEO, “But many projections show that unemployment will remain very high, which severely strains many Americans on an immediate level.” Everett is one of many philanthropic experts hoping that someone will call the end of this recession and actually be right. “But we have to be realistic about this,” he says, “The Obama administration remains hopeful of economic recovery. Well, Mr. Obama, hope doesn’t put food on the table. Jobs do.”

Everett’s public statement comes in light of a recent article published in J.P. Morgan in which many economists within the Banking Firm expect unemployment to remain high in spite of moderate, if uneven, economic growth.

According to Everett, slow growth does not mean the economy has recovered. A CNN Money survey of twenty-three economists predicts the unemployment rate for 2011 to be 8.5 on average, with some estimating the figure to be as high as 9.4. “These are still grim numbers that no one is really happy about, because there are real faces behind the stats.” says Everett.

Works of Life is a non-profit, non-denominational, faith-based charity with over a decade of experience in humanitarian aid. Together with their affiliate charitable organizations OnlineCarDonation.org and OnlineBoatDonation.org Works of Life accepts a variety of small and large donations including car donation, boat donation, yachts, and even aircraft donation to help support a variety of charitable causes world wide. “Our desire to help those less fortunate drives our foundation’s success in using large charitable gifts as humanitarian tools,” says Everett. He adds, “Charities pay special attention to unemployment figures because they are an indication of the level of work we have ahead of us.”

J.P. Morgan economists cite May Data which show that although there was an increase in jobs that month, almost all of them were temporary government positions. “This article unfortunately dashes hopes of a huge hiring boost,” says Everett. “Pundits on the Hill are telling us everything will be OK, but there aren’t many new jobs at all. What is this, a jobless recovery?”

Works of Life urges Americans to look at our economic record in 2010 before believing that more jobs will be created next year. Since the beginning of his presidency, Obama has pushed for a jobs bill to promote hiring. “I want a jobs bill on my desk without delay,” said President Obama in his first State of the Union address. According to Everett there is still a job crisis. “People are still hurting. They still need help. They still need something more than words,” he says.

For years, Works of Life, OnlineCarDonation and OnlineBoatDonation have received donations in order to benefit communities in the US and abroad, to help victims of abuse, the elderly, and families who have fallen on desperately hard times. Works of Life has recently been featured on Forbes Magazine as well as the Huffington Post for their commentary on economic trends in the US.

“We are on the ground where it matters,” said Mr. Everett in an interview. “Jobs are just as hard to come by today as they were when Obama came into office. If you are a member of the philanthropic community you’ll see just how bad the economy still is.” The Works of Life CEO hopes Americans will realize that real change is a matter of civic responsibility. Charitable donations allow non-profit charities like Works of Life to reach out and touch communities, helping people turn their lives around even as economic projections continue to be stark. “We are not discouraged by any of this,” says Everett, “It actually motivates us to become better as an organization.”

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