Logos Nutritionals Launches New "Candida Rid" Antifungal Supplement to Fight Yeast Infections & Candida Overgrowth

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Proprietary blend of antifungal herbs and nutrients is centerpiece of company's Candida Cleanse Protocol

Candida Rid's modern-day, cutting-edge formulation is a proprietary blend of ultra-effective antifungal support herbs and nutrients.

Logos Nutritionals of Atlanta, GA, announces the launch of its newest product, Candida Rid. After years of research, the perfect formulation was achieved to fight all types of yeast infections; most notably Candida overgrowth.

Building upon centuries of great outcomes, Candida Rid's modern-day, cutting-edge formulation is a proprietary blend of ultra-effective antifungal support herbs and nutrients. Key ingredients include oil of oregano, caprylic acid, proteolytic enzymes, black walnut and wormwood.

"While yeast infections are ancient microbes, they've become a modern plague as common in America as apple pie," said John Burgstiner, founder and president Logos Nutritionals. "Ancient healers were able to successfully treat them using herbs with natural antifungal properties."

Microscopic fungi like Candida have always thrived, but yeast infections in humans were rare until modern times when two major factors set the stage to make yeast overgrowth in the U.S. as common as apple pie. One is the overuse of antibiotics, which kills both beneficial micro-organisms and bad pathogens. The other is the increase of refined carbohydrates in the American diet; it lowers the body's immunity and directly feeds the cycle of yeast infection.

"When the delicate balance of essential flora in the GI tract is disturbed, yeasts and other pathogens are quick to capitalize on the opportunity to multiply," said Burgstiner. "Left to flourish untreated, candida can invade the intestinal walls, breaking them down until they begin to leak harmful bacteria and larger proteins into the blood stream. The resulting long-term 'leaky gut' toxicity and constant immune system burden can have devastating consequences to your health."

Candida Rid also is the centerpiece product in the company's new Candida Cleanse Protocol. This group of cutting-edge herbal extracts and nutrients is designed to work in harmony to not only rid the body of yeast infection, but also promote detoxification pathways and restore digestive health. The Protocol's five products are: Candida Rid, L-Glutamine (amino acid that rebuilds the gut lining), Liver CS Plus (detoxes the body and cleanses the liver), Essential Digestion (improves digestive health) and Essential Flora (an advanced probiotic that improves the immune system and digestive health).

About Logos Nutritionals, LLC: Logos Nutritionals of Atlanta, Georgia, is a health and nutrition company offering a synergistic line of natural medicines that transforms lives by nourishing, protecting and strengthening the human body. Founder and President John M. Burgstiner is a second-generation healer, speaker, writer, researcher and gifted nutritional formulator. He continues the incredible legacy of his father, Carson B. Burgstiner, M.D., creator of the groundbreaking Burgstiner Wellness Protocol (a collection of natural medicines which detox the body and restore immune system function). The company’s nutritional products are sold at select pharmacies and natural health stores nationwide and on its website, http://www.logosnutritionals.com.


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