How To Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs? Solana Health Reveals The Natural Ingredient that significantly Lowers Cholesterol When Combined with Fish Oil

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Want to know how to lower cholesterol? High cholesterol is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S. according to Harvard Medical School and due to the high number of Statin drug's side effects reported by users; many Americans are wondering how to lower cholesterol naturally.

Omega-3 when combined with Red Yeast Rice, a natural fungus used in China for heart health for hundreds of years, decreased LDL and total cholesterol levels by 40%, as reported by the Mayo Clinic in 2008

"How to lower cholesterol" is, according to Solana Health, fast becoming the question one in three Americans are asking these days. As determined by the Mayo Clinic, nearly 33% of Americans have LDL “bad” cholesterol levels that exceed the recommended limit of 150 mg/dL. (1)

Fish oil, or more specifically the Omega-3 contained in fish oil, has been widely recommended for heart health by doctors ever since the 80’s when researchers discovered that the Inuit people had very low rates of heart disease. Since then many studies have been conducted to determine how to lower cholesterol naturally using fish oil.

Doctors prescribe Statin drugs as one of the main ways to reduce cholesterol levels. However; cholesterol lowering medications like statins often have painful and sometimes dangerous side effects such as muscle pain, nausea, headaches and in some cases liver damage. These side effects have led many statin users to seek safer ways to reduce cholesterol levels.

Surprisingly, Omega-3, by itself, does not significantly lower cholesterol. After decades of study it turns out that Omega-3 is essential to managing several key heart health variables, but doesn’t have much effect on cholesterol. Research shows that even taking huge daily doses of 4,000 mg of Omega-3 daily (equal to 12 standard fish oil pills) only delivers about a 5-10% decrease in LDL cholesterol.(1) However; Omega-3 when combined with Red Yeast Rice, a natural fungus used in China for heart health for hundreds of years, decreased LDL and total cholesterol levels by 40%, as reported by the Mayo Clinic in 2008.(2) This is clearly good news to those who want to learn how to lower cholesterol without the statins side effects.

Based on these impressive findings, Solana Health, a wellness company based in San Diego, CA, created Cardiol, the first all-natural alternative to Statin drugs. David McMahon, founder of Solana Health commented, “We combined the purest Red Yeast Rice and the most potent Omega-3 available to create Cardiol. With just one capsule a day our customers typically see a 20% decrease in cholesterol in just 30 days.” Cardiol is fast becoming one of the best ideas to minimize cholesterol naturally. Solana Health is now offering a 30 day risk-free trial for Cardiol, to learn more visit

Even if you don’t have high cholesterol, taking an Omega-3 supplement daily is essential because it lowers the overall inflammation in your body along with blood pressure and triglycerides. The American Heart Association recommends taking at least 500 to 1,000 mg of Omega-3 per day for heart health.

To learn more about how to reduce cholesterol naturally and the benefits of Omega-3 Solana Health offers a free e-book titled “How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally, the Top 7 Remedies”. Just visit our educational site to get your free e-book.

About Solana Health:
Solana Health is a California-based wellness company committed to providing the highest quality nutritional supplements at the best possible prices. Solana Health supplements are registered with the FDA and manufactured under Good Manufacturing Processes. Their products are considered pharmaceutical-grade and every batch of ingredients is third party tested to guarantee purity and potency. Cardiol is a one-capsule-per-day supplement that combines nine potent natural ingredients that are proven to help lower LDL and raise HDL cholesterol levels. For more information, or to request Solana Health’s free e-book “How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally So You Can Live the Long, Happy Life You Deserve”, please visit

Sources: 1 Harris WS. N-3 fatty acids and serum lipoproteins: human studies. Am J Clin Nutr. 1997;65:1645S-54S 2. Becker et al., “Mayo Clinic Proceedings”, 2008


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