Big American Giveaway – A Breakthrough New Online Marketing Platform – Gears Up For U.S. Launch as Businesses In 50 States Flock to “Get On Board”

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Innovative Daily Giveaway Site Lets eTailers and Brick and Mortar Companies Boost Revenues by Leveraging the Power of the Social Media Network. New Model helps Businesses Harness the Untapped Potential of Peer-To-Peer Marketing.

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The media attention and popularity surrounding the daily deal sites has been the great buzz…of late, but we are set to launch a new and very different concept...that will truly upstage the potential of the Groupon-style platform.

Chasing consumer mindshare online has become the holy grail of brand marketing. The daily deal sites led by Groupon have offered one avenue and now one company is about to introduce an entirely new online marketing paradigm that will turn the industry on its ear. The platform is called “Big American Giveaway” and businesses across the U.S. can’t wait to jump on the bandwagon. Combining social media and relationship marketing with ”incentive” marketing to help participating brands more effectively spread the word about their products and services to target consumers, the concept is fresh and innovative. Over 1,000 promotional giveaway days have already been purchased by more than 250 businesses – even though the platform is still weeks away from its official January 1st public launch date. Small to medium sized businesses, in particular, are flocking to the format in an effort, during this turbulent economy, to find alternative ways to better stretch their marketing dollar – and this new format is answering a critical need within this sector.

Created by the British entrepreneur and mastermind behind the BBC’s highly touted “Tribe Wanted” series, the new platform utilizes a groundbreaking online consumer contest model to entice word of mouth sharing that in turn creates “armies” of consumer ambassadors spreading information about featured brands. Big American Giveaway offers businesses across the nation an opportunity to sponsor a daily online giveaway of their products and services in selected or all of the 50 states that enables them to increase their brand visibility and social media profile over a 24 hour period. In turn, the website will award the featured giveaway prizes to consumers who proactively interact with participating brands by Liking, Tweeting, Blogging and submitting Written Reviews on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

What makes the format especially appealing for businesses is the “peer-to-peer” aspect of the campaign that will help companies of all sizes to expand their critical social media footprint – and let them tap the network in an easy, affordable way that hasn’t been overdone. The concept delivers a revolutionary twist in online marketing – far different than Groupon and the daily deal sites – that lets businesses build real customer loyalty and keep revenue in their pocket (instead of giving away 50-75% or more of their margin on every daily deal “sale”).

“The media attention and popularity surrounding the daily deal sites has been the great buzz in the marketing world of late, but we are set to launch a new and very different concept to the American public that will truly upstage the potential of the Groupon-style platform,” said Mark Bowness, creator and founder of Big American Giveaway. “With Big American Giveaway, we’re revolutionizing the way that businesses and consumers interact on the Internet by harnessing the power of relationship marketing and peer-to-peer word of mouth promotion – and combining it with a brand building giveaway element. Word of mouth is the single most powerful form of holistic marketing that any brand can deploy to build loyalty and create trust with their target consumer audience. And, we’re doing it at fraction of the cost for businesses, in comparison with the daily deal sites.”

To participate, brands simply purchase a day or days in a state(s) where a giveaway featuring their product or service will be showcased – allowing them to regionalize based on product availability or geographic focus. Giveaway days for each state are priced starting at $1 on January 1, 2012 and will increase by $1 each day cumulatively throughout 2012 (with next year being leap year) with the price of December 31 being $366 per state. The concept is simple, fun and works in a rewarding way for both consumers and businesses. The campaign has been so well received by the business community that huge windows of “Giveaway Days” are already completely sold out.

“This concept changes the way that companies and consumers interact through social media,” said Kevin Beauchesne, owner and operator of Hidden Creek Cabins, luxury cabin rentals in the Northeastern U.S., which has already purchased 21 “Giveaway Days.” “Just as the Facebook concept works great and has been the most effective tool for me to grow my fan base, I know that this will be a winner. The added benefit of having consumers sharing companies’ information with their friends just makes the Big American Giveaway concept all the more appealing to businesses.”

Added Bowness: “We’re thrilled that U.S. brands already see immense value in the format and that they’re supporting our vision in strong numbers – weeks before we’re even set to launch to consumers. The lower cost ‘days’ are already going fast – especially for the most populace states – and we hope others will jump on board to discover Big American Giveaway’s potent online marketing impact.”

About Big American Giveaway
Big American Giveaway is a daily giveaway site that enables businesses to reach new state-wide and national customers across the USA via the power of social media. It offers businesses a superior advantage over the daily deal sites without forcing them to reduce their prices with high margins that cut into their profits. The program is centered around an online opportunity to win sponsored goods in exchange for consumers’ proactive participation in social media activities such as Liking, Tweeting, Blogging and Written Reviews. For more information, please visit

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