Teasingly Ties War in Iraq with Potential Government Shutdown

Share Article took a shot at the U.S. government today by pointing out the fact that the U.S. government just spent $1 trillion on the Gulf Wars and now doesn’t have enough money to cover all requested expenses.

With the national debt just over $15 trillion, that $3 or $4 trillion could have come in handy.

Today posted a tongue in cheek tease of the U.S. Government's long term financial policy and how the cost of ongoing wars makes it impossible to balance the budget. They also point out that if the $3 to $4 trillion dollars that Brown University's Cost of War project says that the U.S. Government spent on the war could have instead been used to find a real alternative energy solution.

Quote from RoadFish, “Obama stated the other day that the whole gulf war thing cost a little over $1 trillion dollars. Brown University's Cost of War project, puts the cost at $3 to $4 trillion, and 236,000 dead. Whoops. With the national debt just over $15 trillion, that $3 or $4 trillion could have come in handy.

"That would be like me with $400k in debt, going to Vegas and shooting off $80k worth of ammo this weekend in the dessert.

"What if we had taken that 3 trillion dollars, and instead had invested it in U.S. companies looking for alternative fuel sources, wind, solar, waves, tide, and on and on, instead of kicking in doors and pissing off another generation of potential enemies?

"So, Obama is announcing that the government may be shutting down this weekend. The reasons, though complex, come down to the fact that different groups in government are fighting over whose going to get which parts of the money pot, and who won't have money to go to Vegas this weekend. With spending habits like that, when they get their credit report checked, I won't be surprised if even Capital One won't accept them.” has continued to gather attention this week as it has launched with an irreverent style and focus on current financial events.


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