Sealmaster Uses Track What Matters to Prevent Expensive Equipment Losses

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Company sees a $5000 return on investment within the first three months of installing the GPS tracking technology

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Within the first three months, we had a rental striper go missing and we were able to track it down and recover it.

Track What Matters today announced that SealMaster®, a global manufacturer of pavement maintenance products and equipment, is using its GPS asset trackers to prevent expensive equipment losses when renting equipment to contractors.

To stay on top of the equipment’s coming and going, SealMaster® uses hardwired GPS units built into their own company trucks as well as Asset Trackers for their rental trailers. These trailers typically carry 300-gallon to 500-gallon sealer tanks, crack-filler applicators or paint-striping machines.

“We attach the Asset Trackers to the trailers to make sure we know where those units are and whether they’ve been returned,” said Andre Georgevic at SealMaster®.

Before SealMaster® adopted Track What Matters’ GPS technologies, those questions could prove difficult, and from time to time very expensive when a rental trailer went missing. “We’d have a miscommunication in the office about when a unit came back from one job and then went out again on another. As a result, we wouldn’t know where some units were,” said Georgevic.

Goergevic can point to the precise moment that the company’s asset tracker investment paid off. “Within the first three months, we had a rental striper go missing and we were able to track it down and recover it. If we hadn’t been able to pinpoint its location and provide proof that the customer still had it, we’d be looking at roughly a $5,000 loss. So we got our return on investment back right there.”

Asset Trackers went on to prove their worth again by recovering a second piece of valuable equipment later in the year.  “In both cases, the customer claimed to have returned the equipment to us – but when we checked online, the GPS tracking results and report told a different story,” said Goergevic

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