After The Wildfire - the True Story of a Phoenix Rising From the Ashes

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The new book by Divinely Guided Publishing. A non-fiction biography...a story of destruction, total loss and recovery, resulting in a spiritual journey, adventure, romance and struggle.

Five young men went into a cave in a Malibu canyon and broke every posted law. No fires. No Smoking. No Drinking. No tresspassing. One of those men alegedly kicked a burning log out of the cave. The results were devastating to several hundred people.

Disasters happen everyday. We see them on the news, and if it’s a big enough disaster, it may be the topic of discussion for several days. But what happens after the dust settles and the news vans move on to the next story? What happens in the weeks, months and even years following the disaster? Some choose the path of victim while others choose the path of survivor. Whatever path is chosen, for the people affected, the story is just beginning. This is the story of one such beginning.

In November 2007, a wildfire started by a few ignorant young men having an illegal party in a Malibu canyon cave changed the lives of several hundred people, leaving many of these people sad, scared and homeless. What would you do if you lost everything? For Jeff Donovan, this fire turned out to be a cleansing, a liberation of sorts. Suddenly, life had changed and Jeff decided to change with it. He quit his job, spent several months in Hawaii, and then traveled the western United States with his dog Wendel. He expected by the time his travels were finished, his landlord Dave would have everything in place to start rebuilding their homes. He expected to have a new sales job waiting for him when he returned. He expected life to get back to normal and go smoothly. Things don’t always go as expected, do they?

Not unlike the story Eat, Pray, Love, a major life change displaced the subject of this book and so, he embarked on a spiritual journey, through 12 states, which included living in huts, outdoor showers, spiritual endeavors and pursuits, camping and lots of interesting characters along the way.

This is a book like no other. This is quite possibly the first interactive book of its’ kind with an accompanying website and online photo album, with nearly 300 pictures, which really brings the reader into the story. The story also continues past the last page with a blog, which follows along as Jeff helps his 80 year-old landlord, who is now running short on funds, try to get their homes rebuilt, nearly three and a half years after their disaster.

After The Wildfire
The True Story of a Phoenix Rising From the Ashes
Divinely Guided Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9834695-0-6
271 pages


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