Drunk Driving Prevention Android App DUI kNOw! Stand Release is Announced by Lone Wolfe Mobile; App That Allows a Person to Self-Administer a DUI Test

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Lone Wolfe Mobile today announced the release of DUI kNOw! Stand, an Android smart phone app that tests balancing abilities and encourages potentially impaired drivers not to operate vehicles after drinking alcohol.

Lone Wolfe Mobile today announced the release of DUI kNOw! Stand, an Android smart phone app that tests balancing abilities and encourages potentially impaired drivers not to operate vehicles after drinking alcohol.

DUI kNOw! Stand, which is compatible with Android platforms 1.6 and higher, administers a thirty second one-leg stand DUI test. Similar to the one-leg stand, a standard field sobriety test, DUI kNOw! Stand asks a user to place their Android phone in their front pants pocket and stand on one leg. The test allows the person to put a foot down only once in thirty seconds and still receive a passing score. The app uses the phone’s orientation sensors to record all movements, so if a foot is put down more than once or if there is a fall, the phone will report a failure of the one-leg stand DUI test.

Up until now, this was a test that required two people and usually was only administered by law enforcement. With the DUI kNOw! Stand app, this test can now be performed by one person and at any time desired. The test records and measures angles in a manner that is consistent and not open to interpretation.

DUI kNOw! Stand will speak the results of the test. If more details about the error count are desired, a button causes the phone to speak the details of the test results as well as offer some hints about receiving a better score. All instructions are spoken out loud and the extensive help is also spoken out loud. Since scores and instructions are spoken out loud, the only requirements for taking this test are pushing buttons on the phone and placing and removing the phone from a front pants pocket. The app is especially designed for ease of use and helpfulness. DUI kNOw! Stand is a quick, inexpensive and easy way to find out if driving might be hazardous or illegal.

DUI kNOw! Stand offers a useful tool for anybody who has had a drink and is considering driving, Lone Wolfe Mobile owner and DUI kNOw! Stand creator Lewis Wolfe said. “I wanted to distribute an app that potentially impaired drivers with an Android phone could use that would help them test and see their own balancing difficulties. Balancing difficulties are usually easy to spot when it is somebody else that is doing the balancing. It is not so easy to see or admit your own personal balancing problems. The DUI kNOw! series of DUI testing apps now has an app available that will self-test physical balancing abilities.

“It’s helpful for the person who drinks,” he said. “There are so many expensive, harmful, and difficult consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The cost of the app is less than 1/10th of 1 percent of the cost for the first DUI offense. Also, a DUI usually has physical and emotional costs that cannot be assigned a monetary amount. The app is available for less than the cost of one alcoholic drink.”

DUI kNOw! Stand costs 99 cents and is available at the Android Market. There is also a free evaluation app that lasts for eight seconds called DUI kNOw! Stand Lite available for download at the Android Market.

Another Lone Wolfe Mobile app, DUI kNOw! ABC, is a paid Android app that uses speech recognition to self-administer an alphabet speaking test similar to a field sobriety test administered by law enforcement. Along with the sobriety test, DUI kNOw! ABC features more than 150 recorded messages about drinking and driving. Although some are humorous, most are sobering statements about the injury, legal problems and personal embarrassment that can result from driving under the influence of alcohol. DUI kNOw! ABC is available at the Android Market for 99 cents and at the Amazon Appstore for Android for 99 cents There is also a free version called DUI kNOw! ABC Lite that uses eight letters of the alphabet to self-administer a portion of a DUI alphabet speaking test. For complete protection and more fun, get the full version after trying the lite version.

To learn more about DUI kNOw! Stand or DUI kNOw! ABC visit https://sites.google.com/site/duiknow/.

Lone Wolfe Mobile was formed in 2011 for the express purpose of producing Android apps that improve lives and lifestyles.


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