2000 Families Eased of Financial Burden As America’s Legal System Reduces Consumer Debt with Morgan Drexen Automation

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While Congress Battles with the Rising National Debt Levels American Consumers Are Reducing Debt Using America's Legal System and the Intervention of Complex Automation provided by California based Morgan Drexen

2,000 Families Graduate Morgan Drexen Supported Attorney Based Debt-Resolution Program

2000 people successfully completed the program and are debt free in so little time! That is a huge feat. It takes a whole network working together to make these strides and help so many people to help themselves.

As America’s national debt sits above $14 trillion consumers across the nation are reducing their debts with the use of America’s legal system according to statistics released by California based Morgan Drexen.

Morgan Drexen provides integrated legal support to attorneys across America working with consumers facing high levels of debt. In recent years Morgan Drexen supported attorneys have reduced more than $258 million in unsecured debt for their clients. As of this week 2000 families have successfully eliminated their engaged unsecured debt with the assistance of attorneys supported by Morgan Drexen.

Jeffrey Katz, General Counsel for Morgan Drexen says, “During these tough economic times, it feels good to know that 2000 families have eased the financial burden caused by mounting unsecured debt and that they got there with the help of caring attorneys supported by Morgan Drexen’s committed staff of paralegals and paraprofessionals.”

Glenn K was the 2000th graduate of the attorney-based debt resolution program. Kiser engaged with $115,00 of debt. Kiser invested a great deal of money into a new transport business that was a victim of the flailing economy and bad partnership.

Glenn says of his creditors, “They wouldn’t give me a chance to work anything out they just wanted their money right now. Then came the law firm and the creditors backed off and things went along pretty smoothly.”

Like many consumers Glenn was skeptical that his enormous debt would ever be a distant memory. Glenn engaged with $115,00 in unsecured debt at the time of settlement his debts were reduced to around $38,000. The difference between the total debt and the amount paid was approximately $77,000. Kiser was thrilled with the outcome.

Consumers understand the damage that bad credit can do when it comes to purchasing a new home or car and even obtaining employment. However there are mixed reactions across the United States among consumers who feel that failure to raise the national debt level will cause serious harm to the economy.

Morgan Drexen supported attorneys attribute the success of the attorney-based debt resolution program to the automation provided by Morgan Drexen Integrated Systems (MDIS).

Tami Munsch, an attorney at law based in Mississippi who utilizes the support services of Morgan Drexen, says, “2000 people successfully completed the program and are debt free in so little time! That is a huge feat. It takes a whole network working together to make these strides and help so many people to help themselves.”

For Blaine Bradshaw a Montana licensed attorney supported by Morgan Drexen the message is clear, "Two thousand people have triumphed over their debt and now enjoy debt-free peace because of their own tenacity, and that of their attorneys who utilize Morgan Drexen's integrated platform services. The abyss that includes bankruptcy has given way to a world of financial freedom for these folks. Many thousands more can receive this same peace of mind. As a debt settlement attorney who uses Morgan Drexen's services, I am honored to assist those needing such relief."

Deborah Randolph a Tennessee attorney who also uses the assistance of Morgan Drexen admits, “It gives me such pride to know that I am able to help people reach their goal of financial freedom. This is why I became an attorney - to help others! Every time I know another person has completed the program it makes me proud to know I played a small part in making things better for them in some small way.”

“This is a great milestone for both Morgan Drexen’s technology and attorneys helping consumers throughout the nation,” adds Susan Muzila, Director of Strategic Planning at Morgan Drexen.


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