Elenin’s Alignment During Peace Festival in France is Galactic Response to Consciousness Shift says I.D.E.A. Foundation’s KTI

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As cosmic visitor Elenin approaches speculation abounds over what it heralds, disaster or a Shift in Consciousness; The sponsors of the Know Thyself Initiative (KTI), the I.D.E.A. Foundation says it is a Galactic response to the latter, Humanity’s shift in consciousness. They cite Elenin passing between the sun and earth during the gathering in France of Indigenous Elders and world teachers committed to Peace and Unity as evidence the comet is a sign a shift in consciousness is imminent.

Theory that explains why the Ancient Mysteries were created and how they will be used in the Universal and Divine plan for unity consciousness

Know Thyself Initiative of How KTI will change the world - Message Page

As Gandhi told us, 'We must be the change we wish to see in the world.'

As the world awaits the approach of Elenin, great debate rages over whether the cosmic visitor is a comet, brown dwarf or fulfillment of prophecy. With it’s passing between the sun and earth coinciding not only with the Peace Festival in France, but also the one-year anniversary of the neutralization of the Collective Pain Body, “Shadow” I.D.E.A. feels it has universal significance. They suggest this celestial body represents a change in Humanity’s position in the Galaxy and is the harbinger telling us its time for us to implement the final phase of a 42,000 year plan that includes the Founding Fathers secret destiny for America in Washington State.

Director for I.D.E.A. Leyland Carney accompanying Hopi and Mayan Elders to France in September states the presenters of the Lothlorien Peace Festival, which include Masuru Emoto and Mayan Calendar expert Carl Johan Calleman are calling for the world to unite. This unification not only affects all life on the Earth but Humanity’s place in the Universe. http://www.lothlorienfestival.com/EN)

“When we talk about the Shift in our world, it's easy for it to feel abstract and not particularly connected to our daily lives. However, it's an intimate and personal process that begins with like minded people around the world linking into a potent transformational community. We build momentum first as hundreds and then thousands of people who begin to act as their own activation point for the larger Shift.” Leyland Carney

Another of our I.D.E.A.’s director’s was shown a Galactic connection between the approach of Elenin and the Shift in Consciousness, because of his experience in 2004 and a recent revelation.

In October of 2004 Guy Juarez following six-months of almost daily contact with mysterious beings found his way to the president of I.D.E.A Craig Babcock. The amazing story Guy relayed is reproduced in his on-line book The Chronicles of Guy’s Alien Encounters. http://www.pneuma-yod.com/P-Y_KTIcel-BOOK.html

After joining I.D.E.A. Guy returned to his passion as a singer-songwriter and had no contact or paranormal experience for six years. Then in November of 2010 he was told during meditation he was to become the Watcher/Alien Interface. Although Guy had difficulty accepting this statement he finally came to terms with this roll whatever it may be, but he maintains that “The Aliens will only make their presence known when we demonstrate our readiness through our intent.” Consequently, he sees the coincidence of Elenin, the Peace Festival, and the one-year anniversary of the “Shadow’s” neutralization as bringing unambiguous evidence that we are not alone.

The Know Thyself Initiative agrees with the History channel’s Ancient Aliens theory that ancient astronauts may have genetically altered us, which was concealed in the allegory of the Garden of Eden and “original sin”. The Initiative says the Ancient Mysteries were created for this very reason and were carried down through history in various forms until such time the Human Race was ready to apply them and take the next step in evolution. That time is now. http://www.triple7center.com/777_KTIsMessage.html

KTI also states an important stage in handing down the information in the Mysteries was the founding of America. Authors Dan Brown and David Ovason have brought the Founding Fathers astrological plans for Washington DC to light. However it was the “Founders” connecting the nation’s capital to its namesake Washington State through the Federal Triangle that most interested the sponsors of KTI.

The last decade has seen a dramatic change in thinking about Life and our world. With innovators like Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor and her book Stroke of Insight, we have been introduced to the realization that we are all connected to each other as energy. Moreover, through the openness of celebrities like Oprah and Eckhart Tolle, alternative teachings have been brought to the public's attention.

Dr. Carl Johan Calleman the author of The Mayan Calendar and Transformation of Consciousness and presenter at the Peace Festival sees Elenin as an opportunity for Humanity. He and the many others are calling for global awareness, which is referred to the “Cosmic Convergence” set to take place from September 23rd to 26th. (see attached PDF) Dr. Calleman sums this opportunity up by saying “It is about taking personal responsibility…We are the ones that we have been waiting for. And it is entirely up to us... As Gandhi told us, "We must be the change we wish to see in the world." http://www.calleman.com/

Ultimately, all the directors of I.D.E.A. and sponsors of KTI believe everything is energy. “When human beings combine their energy and intent to a purpose, they change, the environment, and the world changes. All change comes from within each person. Everyone can become a part of a solution by adding their energy/intent. This is the time to make the changes and ensure a peace filled future. All must be active at this time - to sit by is no longer supportable. The future is literally in Humanity’s hands and it is up to each individual to choose our destiny. It has been said before that the only thing constant is change. As the spirit of transformation is all about dynamics, it is vital not only to recognize this but to make it happen by being an active participant.

Because the Know Thyself Initiative embraces so many different views and understandings, it is non-exclusive; they affirm that it is not necessary to believe everything stated on the triple 7 center web site. The only requirement is for the individual to be open and acknowledging the connection between us all. KTI encourages all who are experiencing a shift in consciousness to add their knowledge and insight to the global point on the triple 7 center website to create a critical mass for change. The I.D.E.A. Foundation presents the Know Thyself Initiative as the vehicle by which the Human Race can succeed in not only transforming themselves, but also facilitate others thirsty for change to make a sincere difference in the world. By declaring our intentions to be “the light” and join our illumination with others, we become the “united state” of light, love and peace....that's heaven on earth. http://www.triple7center.com


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