New ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7 Helped Organize and Communicate Information About Complex Energy Systems for the State of Hawaii

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CS Odessa announces that ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7 provided Mitch Evan, Hydrogen Systems Program Manager at Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, with a powerful way to organize, understand, and communicate complex information. The resulting insights led to multimillion-dollar funding to support early solutions to Hawaii’s energy needs.

CS Odessa announces that ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7 plays an important role in meeting management. ConceptDraw MINDMAP has the ability to gather information and then help a group come to a conclusion. This ability to clearly direct the outcome of meetings is seen in how the strategic decisions made in the long-term hydrogen plan formulated for the state of Hawaii.

As America’s only island state, Hawaii faces unique problems in supplying its 1.3 million residents with energy. Five years ago, the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute co-hosted a workshop to investigate bio-energy as a possible solution. HNEI program manager Mitch Ewan used ConceptDraw MINDMAP to help with this topic.

Make Meeting Worthwhile

The first part of the workshop focused on identifying bioenergy production issues and potential solutions. The second part consisted of breakout sessions where small groups would brainstorm on specific issues.

“Typically,” Ewan says, “you have this kind of an event and a few days later everybody forgets about it. I decided to create my own report and see if I could actually harness the brain power in that meeting to move our bio-energy planning forward.”

Ewan wasn’t planning on using mind mapping, but once he pulled all the workshop information together, it was an overwhelming jumble of ideas—an enormous task. It occurred to him that mind mapping might help him make sense of all the complicated information.

Effective Right out of the Box

“So I went out and bought my first version of ConceptDraw MINDMAP and thought, ‘I’ll lay out all the ideas graphically and see if that helps make them any clearer.’”

He keyed in the workshop ideas to create a visual diagram, and then dragged and dropped the ideas around into logical subject groups. Quickly a picture began to emerge of Hawaii’s energy and agriculture situation.

“As I studied the map, I had a big ‘Eureka!’ moment. I realized that because there were so many issues—water, land rights, infrastructure, all this stuff—what the state really needed was a master plan.”

Communicate Complex Ideas Simply, Quickly

Ewan then rearranged everything on the map to fit a bio-energy master plan. Once he had a plan that made sense to him, he showed his map to various stakeholders for input.

“I went through a bunch of iterations of the map, capturing everybody’s ideas. Then I took the finished map around to key political people. The legislators got it because the map helped them instantly understand the problem.”

According to Ewan, the Hawaii legislature voted in $600,000 to complete the master plan. He says the mapping project was a great success. By reducing a complicated problem into a logical visualization, the solution became obvious.

“ConceptDraw MINDMAP was a great way to wrap our brains around all the intricacies and interrelationships between the various elements of this huge problem. And in the end, it was a great sales tool.”

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