iglucose: Recently FDA-Cleared, Wireless Diabetes Management System Keeps Everyone Connected

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A parent of a child with diabetes or a child of an elderly parent with the disease, wouldn’t it give peace of mind to know that a loved one was not only testing their blood sugar levels regularly as prescribed by their physician, but also to know what their blood sugar levels are as they test at any time day or night? FDA-cleared iglucose™, does it.

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Wireless Diabetes Management

A parent of a child with diabetes or a child of an elderly parent with the disease, wouldn’t it give peace of mind to know that a loved one was not only testing their blood sugar levels regularly as prescribed by their physician, but also to know what their blood sugar levels are as they test at any time day or night?

FDA-cleared iglucose™ as seen in the feature by Doctors Outlook, a wireless communication system for diabetes management, makes this a reality. What’s more, iglucose functions without the use of a cell phone, telephone, personal computer or wireless data plan.

Imagine this scenario: a 10-year-old child at school who is supposed to test their blood glucose level before lunch. A text message is sent to anyone on their caregiver, family, or doctors list that they have just checked their blood sugar but their levels have fallen dangerously low and they need to eat or drink something immediately. The school nurse also gets a text message and email that the child’s levels are low along with any other person or group desired to be alerted. iglucose creates a communication connection where immediate action can be taken to ensure the child doesn’t suffer an adverse reaction like hypoglycemia from their low blood sugar, which in severe cases can lead to seizures, coma and even death. Of course iglucose also applies to any family member of any age or those who do not have family or loved ones available to check on them.

iglucose which was recently FDA-cleared as a mobile health system and will be available in the market soon, seamlessly communicates glucose readings from leading blood glucose meters to the iglucose diabetes management portal. From there, this important data can be shared automatically with family members, caregivers and healthcare professionals via text message, email or fax.

iglucose eliminates the burden of keeping manual logbooks of glucose levels and empowers people to be more active with the management of their diabetes. Leading diabetes education organizations recommend that people with diabetes check their blood sugar, keep a logbook of their readings, and take them to their healthcare professional. This is a fundamental cornerstone of diabetes management. Unfortunately, many people with diabetes do not keep logbooks. iglucose solves this problem by automating the process. iglucose not only simplifies life for people with diabetes, but also connects them with loved ones and healthcare professionals who are concerned about their care. This is truly a “win-win” for all.

PositiveID Corporation (OTCBB: PSID) develops unique medical devices and molecular diagnostic systems like the Ricin Detection systems noted in the Digital Journal release. PositiveID focuses primarily on diabetes management, rapid medical testing and airborne bio-threat detection. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, MicroFluidic Systems or MFS, is focused on the development of microfluidic systems for the automated preparation of and performance of biological assays. PositiveID was recently recommended in a news release by Vista Partners.

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