Devin Miller Naples Florida Art Group Tours America

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Art tour hosted by self-run art firm Devin Miller Naples Florida Art Group is sweeping the nation, one state at a time. Devin Miller Naples FL one of a kind pieces are being displayed around the nation, raising America’s appreciation of Modern Art.

Hands down, it was the coolest art display I had ever seen. For a minute, I actually thought it was really Leonardo Dicaprio walking down the street.

While tours are mainly taken by Musicians, authors, and dancers, Devin Miller Naples FL Art Firm applied it to their line of work. On December 1st 2011, Devin Miller Naples FL Art Firm launched the first ever ‘art tour’, taken by modern artists from around the globe. The concept of this specific tour was unique, for it made the streets of America its studio.

Beginning the trip in its’ home Florida, Devin Miller Naples FL Art Firm displayed 16 pieces of artwork in Miami’s famous Lincoln Road. Its founder, and main artist, Devin Miller created all the pieces in this specific display. His avant-garde modern style art pieces caught the attention of very lucrative art buyers such as Ivan Kofman. “Originally from New York, I came to Miami on leisure. I have always had an intense appreciation for valuable art work, and I know fine art when I see it. I loved how Devin Miller displayed his art on such a public square, and his character is undoubtedly portrayed through his work. I paid 6,000 for my piece of art, and I am certain that it will be worth much more in the years to come.” says art buyer Ivan Kofman.

When pieced together, Devin Miller Naples FL art pieces told a very profound story. The artists of the Devin Miller Naples FL Art Firm create individual art pieces, that coincide and are displayed together to tell a story. By mid December, the international artists of the Devin Miller Naples FL Art Firm arrived to Manhattan, the big city. In New York, the artists displayed their work right outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the 23 pieces told the story of America’s current Recession through its’ imagery. It is crucial to note, however, that Devin Miller Naples FL Art Firm pieces of art must be read into as a whole, and their story cannot always be understood at first glance. The display at the MET geared in a lot of attention, and was even the subject of a news story for a freelance videographer.

By New Years, the group arrived In Colorado. There, Devin Miller Naples FL Art Group displayed its art on the Aspen ski slopes. As skiers skied down the slopes, they saw Art pieces displayed down the mountain. From the ski lift, Skiers could make out the picture that the 29 pieces of art made; a Beach. “It was most definitely surreal seeing artwork illustrating a beach in the middle of a snow mountain. It was even cooler knowing that each of the pieces of art were done by different artist who put their pieces together to create one breathtaking display.” Says Aspen Skier Adam Justar.

By the 15th of January, The Devin Miller Naples Florida Art Group had displayed its last display on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. This was its biggest, and most prepared for display, and it was even a bit theatrical. Fourteen Devin Miller Naples Fl Art Group artists were selected to ‘wear their art’. The artists were asked to draw their favorite actor’s in life size paintings. The artists then wore the paintings and walked around Rodeo Drive, as their characters. “Hands down, it was the coolest art display I had ever seen. For a minute, I actually thought it was really Leonardo Dicaprio walking down the street.” says Beverly Hills resident Lauren Spitzer.

Devin Miller, the creator of Devin Miller Naples Florida Art Group, hopes to create more ‘art tours’ like it, and expand its horizons by including new artists into the group. “This was an unbelievable experience, and I am so glad to have been a part of it. My goal was to bring together artists, and have them work towards a common goal. I watched as the artists grew an appreciation for each other’s work, as America grew an appreciation for them and Modern Art as a whole.” says Devin Miller.

About Devin Miller
Devin Miller was born in Naples, Florida and attended Parsons where he majored in Art and Art History. He is famous for his public displays of his art, and his avant-garde style. He believes that art is a form of communication, and so he seeks to incorporate an underlying message in all of his pieces. One of Miller’s most notable endeavors is his large display of Miami Beach, that spread for 200 feet. He is self employed, and a freelance artist. He has worked on sets of Broadway shows, and musicals, and has traveled the world to enhance his creativity and make his mark as a serious artist.


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