Vilain-Innovations, Dutch Literary Agency, Will Represent New Galaxy Enterprises

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Dutch Literary Agency Will Pitch Three New Galaxy Enterprises’ Book and Film Franchise Packages to Publishers and Film Companies in US and European Markets

Vilain-Innovations, a literary agency in the Netherlands, owned by Pauline Vilain, an expert in New Media, will represent New Galaxy Enterprises, a California Corporation media development company, in three separate book and film franchise packages, each of them developed, in part by Johnny Blue Star, its President.

“After carefully studying quite a number of Johnny’s personal and collaborative efforts, I’m surprised at his capacity to work alone and with his collaborators at the highest, professional level of creativity and commerciality,” says Pauline Vilain. “When I look at the New Galaxy Enterprise products I’ve seen and explored in depth, it is impossible not to see Disney, Lucas, Spielberg, Cameron or, for that matter, Stephen King, J. K. Rowling or even Ian Fleming in concepts rich in vision, originality and commercial appeal. Although mirroring the depth and range of these authors and producers, none of this work is imitative. Vilain Innovations chose these works because they are fresh, exciting and challenging.”

‘The Thrice-Born’, the first novel in the franchise book and film series, ‘The Ascent of Angels,’ conceived first by entrepreneur and computer expert, Carlos Humberto Lopez, and developed by Lopez and Blue Star, takes a profound, but satiric look at the story of the Fall. The abundant humor is a veil draped over a serious exploration of ideas long relegated to the religious underground of reincarnation, physical immortality, alternative realities, and other heretical ideas that readily populated the world of Early Christianity.

‘The Thrice-Born’ is hard to compare to any specific book or film, but it has the abundant humor of an Indiana Jones film with a really serious underlying theme regarding the meaning of the Fall, immortality and higher spirituality,” comments Pauline Vilain. “It would definitely near future.”

“The Foot Soldier” is an espionage, crime and suspense series inspired by the true life experiences of Korean War veteran and investigator, Ray Boylan, who enlisted in the US Marines when he was fifteen and survived brutal combat on the frozen battlefields of Chosin. ‘Boots on Manhattan,’ its first novel, tells the story of a young boy’s tumultuous efforts to survive through a teenage gang war in the late 1940’s when a series of strange events propels himself and their families into the shadowy mists of the coming altercation in Korea.

“It is amazing how touching this story is, created in part by a novelist, Ray Boylan, who risked his life during the Chinese incursion into Korea. Vilain-Innovations is proud to promote a story that not only portrays the reality of war, but also its moral and psychological dimensions.”

‘The Resurrected’ by ex-priest, talk show host and financial advisor, Philip Cioppa, and Johnny Blue Star is a stunning exploration of the Near Death Experience and its impact on a Secret Church, whose goal is to usurp and bend the Vatican in its ultimate goal of world domination. “The Resurrected” is essentially a critical look at doctrines of salvation, the priesthood and conceptions of the Afterlife in the wake of new evidence of survival after death as revealed by Near Death investigators Raymond Moody, Kubler-Ross and Dannion Brinkley.

“After working unsuccessfully with many agents over the years, my encounter with Pauline Vilain, who I solicited in Ecademy, a social media network, after seeing her profile- was, well, bluntly, life-changing,” says Johnny Blue Star, co-author of these novel series. “Why? Because I had consciously looked for years for someone who could and was willing to take on book, film and music projects. But, it goes much farther than that, Pauline reads her manuscripts meticulously, understands New Media and chooses her clients very selectively and promotes them to publishers after exhaustive, deep, serious research. She is so serious, careful and profound in her approach that she can be misunderstood by prospective clients who might wish her representation but not make it through a very narrow portal. She expects an active, courteous and responsible conduct from her current and prospective authors. I consider myself very happy to have been chosen by her. But I’ve worked long and hard for this opportunity. She is not an ordinary person or run-of-the-mill agent. She is a true visionary.”

For more information on these and other Vilain-Innovation projects, visit Contact Pauline Vilain at info(at)vilaininnovations(dot)com or call her at her Netherlands office at +31(0) 455456295.

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