Smeagol and Zizzles Rock the Catwalk Globally in Sphynx Cat Wear; the Mystery of What Those Hairless Felines Are Wearing and Why Is Finally Made Public

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Photos of Smeagol and Zizzles, the Super Model Sphynx Have Gone Viral Flaunting Their Fashion -- But the Creators of Sphynx Cat Wear Wants You to Know That Clothing Your Hairless Feline Helps All Cat's Hearts and Health as Well.

Zizzles channels Victoria Beckham in "The Grape Jellybean" from Sphynx Cat Wear.  Photo: Christopher Voelker © 2012

Zizzles channels Victoria Beckham in "The Grape Jellybean" from Sphynx Cat Wear. Photo: Christopher Voelker © 2012

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Smeagol and Zizzles, two Sphynx cats have been rocking the latest in feline fashion, all over the internet, yet the source of the outfits that they are wearing has remained a mystery until now. Sphynx Cat Wear ( is the name of the line, and the home of the two now extremely famous cats.

After being in business for only one year, Sphynx Cat Wear has clothed hairless felines in over thirty-four countries. Because of this, The British press had contacted Manson to do an article on the unique website and it's models.

These two amazing feline models, with their unique looks and innate posing ability had already garnered the attention of the cat world, but when the creator of the clothing line, Melanie Manson, woke up the morning after the interview, her models and clothing designs had gone viral. Manson noticed an omission had sent the news out without the name of the clothing line or the website attached.

The Sphynx Cat Wear team went into a huddle and decided the best way to let naked cat owners know how to keep their kitties warm was to make an announcement to the general public that Smeagol and Zizzles were their models, wearing their clothes.

After years of creating the "purr-fect fit" and testing on her own pets, Manson came up with a line of high fashion, high function clothes that fit the Sphynx like a glove. The clothes are tailored exactly for the sphynx body type and do not impede the cat's mobility.

Manson wants you to know that there is more to Sphynx Cat Wear than fashion or playing dress up with cats. The clothes keep the cats warm, clean and safe. Sphynx Cat Wear protects their skin from sunburn, dirt, dust and the cold. The fabric also absorbs body oils, therefore protecting furniture.

Sphynx Cat Wear recently produced a custom made Vintage T Ball in black and red for Hairless Hearts, to raise funds for the HCM Scan Clinic in Southern California. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is a genetic heart defect affecting all breeds of domestic cats. It has become of great concern to the Sphynx community because recent estimates indicate HCM may be diagnosed in Sphynx at a higher rate than many other breeds of cats. Echocardiograms, or scans, by Board Certified Cardiologists are the preferred method of diagnosis at this time.

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