Timely Tips for Parents Who Need to Launch Teens and Want to Avoid the Boomerang Kid Effect - No Matter Who They Vote For

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College career strategist Elizabeth Venturini helps parents get past today’s politics to create college career plans for teens before they leave high-school to avoid moving back home after college.

Elizabeth Venturini, College Career Results

Elizabeth Venturini, College Career Results

Venturini offers timely tips to help save years of worry for parents who want their kids’ lives to launch so they can avoid ‘The Boomerang Kid’ effect.

Rising college tuition costs and lack of jobs for new college graduates are major campaign issues for both presidential candidates. Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney wants to strengthen and simplify the financial aid system. President Obama seeks to double funding for Pell Grants and establish a college tax credit. Either way, College Career Strategist Elizabeth Venturini says there is one major dilemma giving parent’s cause for grief. The Great Recession took a toll on parents’ college savings efforts and no one has the luxury to make poor college or career choices when dollars are in short supply.

Today Venturini offers timely tips to help save years of worry for parents who want their kids’ lives to launch so they can avoid ‘The Boomerang Kid’ effect. This is when college graduates return home without the ability to support themselves with employment that can pay the bills.

  • Take the Boomerang Kid Effect Reality Test to diagnose the magnitude of the issue in your family. Find out if your teen is college and career ready and take action before your teen starts filling out applications and you write out the tuition check.
  • Students need a college career plan before entering college not after they graduate. Provide your college-bound teen with college and career options so they won’t flounder in college. Have your teen take an interests assessment before leaving high-school and help them use the information to focus on college majors and career paths they will love.
  • You are known by the company you keep. When researching colleges with your teen, don’t overlook the career center. Investigate their resources, number of personnel qualified to provide career counseling, number and names of companies coming on campus to recruit, and their job placement numbers.
  • Two income streams are better than one. Encourage your teen to have a backup career plan with a second major or minor in a job field that is in high demand particularly if their chosen major is not high paying or extremely difficult to enter.
  • Show me the money and go where the jobs are. Do the math and crunch the numbers with your teen on careers to make sure they can pay the bills after college graduation. Research with your teen how many jobs are available for new job entrants, education and skills needed, best cities for hiring, and most important starting salary for their chosen field.

Venturini’s aim is to be a lifeline and mentor who supports high-achieving parents who need a go-between expert to guide their college-bound teens to make smart college and career choices that can pay off for a lifetime.

“What I know from work with teens is that they often don’t listen to their parents. They listen to me,” Venturini says. “Their parents want their kids to launch successfully so they can be relieved of supporting them in the style of living to which their kids have grown accustomed. And they certainly don’t want to keep paying their bills after graduation,” says Venturini. “Parents I work with are looking for a financial return on their teen’s education before writing out those first daunting checks for tuition.”

“Next to the purchase of a home, a college education is the second biggest investment parents make. With today’s slowly recovering job market and skyrocketing college tuition costs, parents can no longer afford to have their teens enroll in college without a college career plan,” says Venturini. Her goal is to provide them with the information they need so they can turn their college 'hopefuls' into college career success stories graduating with a job they will love and with a decent salary.

“Without a plan, teens can flounder in college, take impractical classes, and keep changing majors. Many wind up spending additional years in college, requiring even more money for tuition. Or they graduate with an unmarketable degree and have to move back home as a boomerang kid supported by Mom and Dad – again,” says Venturini.

About College and Career Strategist Elizabeth Venturini:

Through her company CollegeCareerResults.com, Venturini’s Failure to Launch – Not an Option College Career Mentoring Program is a high-touch virtual program to support parents worldwide who want to set the stage so their teens launch in college, with professional careers they love, and that pay off for a lifetime. Her Failure to Launch –Not an Option College Career Mentoring Program supports parents in guiding their college-bound teens to:

  • Know what makes them “tick” and use this info to match this with a college major and job they will love;
  • Plan ahead to make certain their academic credentials match their career aspirations;
  • Look and speak the part to prepare for college admissions and career interviews;
  • Become well-equipped in business etiquette to handle academic, social, and career opportunities.

Take the “The Boomerang Kid Effect Reality Test” when you visit http://www.CollegeCareerResults.com, learn more about college admissions and career strategies and inquire about services to serve college-bound teens. Connect with College and Career Strategist Elizabeth Venturini by phone or email: (949) 636-9055 or Elizabeth(at)CollegeCareerResults(dot)com.

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