Theory of Something Proposes Experiments to Show that the Grid and Grid Rooms - “an Aether” - Exist

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The Theory of Something presented last month, predicts that space is filled with a Grid of fundamental charge particles, called negtrinos, and that matter is surrounded by Grid rooms. The proposed modified Michaelson-Morely type of experiments are expected to show that such “aether” exists, just as believed by Maxwell and other scientists in the late 1800s and that the speed of light only is constant in relation to the Grid.

Experiment showing that the Speed of Light only is constant in relation to the Grid

Proposed Michaelson-Morely-like experiment

Positive results from any of these experiments will eradicate the mystery of light and the photon by showing that they propagate in a medium just like other waves. That medium is the Grid and Grid rooms predicted by the ToS.

Theory of Something proposes new experiments that will show that the speed of light only is constant in relation to the Grid of charge particles – negtrinos – that fill up space. The proposed experiments using interferometers to measure the speed of light are similar to the famous experiments done by Michaelson and Morely in the late 1800s, which came to the astonishing result that the speed of light was independent of movements both by the light source and the observer. The new experiments are expected to confirm that the speed only is constant in relation to an “aether” (the Grid) just as expected by scientists like Maxwell and others at that time.

Confirmation of the Theory of Something (the ToS) prediction that light is a wave in the Grid will not mean that Einstein’s theory of special relativity is wrong. On the contrary, the second postulate of Einstein’s special relativity theory says that the speed of light is not dependent on the speed of the light source, which is exactly what can be expected if there is a medium, an “aether”, for light to travel in. The mysterious result of the Michaelson-Morely experiment was that the speed of light was found to be constant also when the observer was moving toward or from the light source. However, before the ToS was presented last month, there was no knowledge of the Grid rooms surrounding matter.

“Positive results from any of these experiments will eradicate the mystery of light and the photon by showing that they propagate in a medium – the Grid - just like other waves” says G.D. Tosman who is behind the Theory of Something.

In the ToS, the universe is filled with the negtrino particle arranged in a cubic Grid that forms Grid rooms around all objects. It is the Grid rooms that give mass to matter and since the Grid only can contribute with 96.4 kg per cubic meter, a Grid room surrounding e.g. a 10 kg object will occupy a volume of 104 liters that are stuck around that object.

All Michaelson-Morely-like experiments have been done in the static Grid room that surrounded the measurement equipment itself and therefore just showed that the speed of light is constant in relation to the Grid. “Partial aether dragging” was early suggested as an explanation of the results, but without knowledge of the Grid rooms, the remedies that were tested only enlarged the static Grid room around the measurement equipment.

In the first of the proposed experiments, the interferometer measuring the speed of light is placed in free space outside a satellite where an “aether wind” can be expected. The light paths of the interferometer are outside the Grid room of the satellite and of the thin arms holding the mirrors of the interferometer.

The second proposed experiment can be performed in a laboratory on Earth, where masses are rotated close to the light path of an open interferometer, so the Grid rooms of the masses are brought in and out of the light path and will modulate the measured speed of light.

G.D. Tosman strongly points out that the Grid filling up space, is not in conflict with Einstein’s special relativity theory: “It is a 100-year-long misinterpretation that special relativity contradicts an aether filling up space. It is the existence of a medium where the speed of light is constant and in which nothing can move faster than that speed of light that leads both to the Lorentz transformations and to Einstein’s theory of special relativity. The Grid has exactly those qualities.”

The experiments can also confirm that Grid rooms contribute with 96.4 kg per cubic meter to the mass of matter objects as predicted by the ToS.

This release is one in a series to bring reality and understanding back to the mysticism of the quantum world and the workings of the universe. The ToS document and the Summary of the ToS that also lists the overwhelming support and proofs of the Theory of Something can be downloaded at

About Theory of Something

The Theory of Something (ToS) was presented in fall 2012 and provides an understandable reality of how the quantum world and the universe works.

There is a single fundamental elementary charge particle – the negtrino – that builds up all other particles and also fills up all of space in a cubic Grid with negtrinos 10 pm apart. There are 3 room dimensions, time and charge at the fundamental level and classic electromagnetic theory rules. Mass and gravity are mechanisms where matter interacts with the Grid – They are not qualities of any particle and kg is not a base unit.

From the single fundamental physical law, the electromagnetic force between moving point charges, all other physical laws can be derived. Newton’s gravity law, his second law of motion (F=ma) as well as the force accelerating distant galaxies have been derived in the ToS. These three forces acting upon mass (which is a charge increase in the Grid), as well as the strong and weak forces of the standard model, are electromagnetic in nature and not carried by particles. No fine-tuning of physical constants, no energy emerging out of nothing, no extra dimensions, no new physical laws emerging now and then, etc. are required for universes to exist. The universe we experience was seeded at the Big Bang when the recently detected dark energy was injected into our universe.

In the ToS, there is an understandable reality behind the current mysteries of the quantum world and the universes. Even the photon, what energy actually is, what a black hole consists of, how Something can emerge out of Nothing and more things are explained and can be understood in the Theory of Something.

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