WorkSimple Advances Social Performance Revolution with Yammer

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WorkSimple’s Yammer Edition is bringing Social Goals™—a fresh new way to manage careers, performance and results—to the leading enterprise social network. The result: greater transparency and productivity among the modern workforce.

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WorkSimple - Social Performance

The WorkSimple Yammer Edition takes a critical HR function and links it to the enterprise social network, aligning and reviewing performance through a social lens made popular through the rise of user-centric software design.

Employee engagement surveys are revealing a disturbing trend: Modern workers are struggling to understand how they fit in to corporate goals—and how best to make their mark on the organization so they can advance their careers.

Amid this struggle, the modern workplace is rapidly evolving. Teams are more agile. Organizations are flatter. And Social Performance is turning traditional Human Capital Management on its head. Savvy organizations recognize the value of sharing work on enterprise social networks and are adopting new tools to help teams drive better communication—and stronger results.

Enter WorkSimple (, the fastest-growing provider of Social Performance Management. WorkSimple just rolled out the Yammer Edition of its Social Performance Management platform with social innovations that help employees and managers share goals, get and give feedback, and create a culture of recognition within their Yammer network.

“Yammer has stayed true to its social roots—it’s simple to understand, easy to use, and without the feature bloat that maturing software often carries,” said Morgan Norman, co-founder and CEO of WorkSimple. “WorkSimple’s Yammer integration takes goal setting and performance management to the next level—and the measurable results include more engaged employees, more productive teams, and more profitable organizations.”

The Seamless Workplace is Here
The WorkSimple Yammer Edition—which essentially adds a layer of Social Performance to the leading enterprise social network—changes the way employees work together by allowing individuals and teams to tap into the benefits of contemporary collaboration and the future of work via a user-friendly interface built around Social Goals™.

“The value of connecting enterprise social technologies to other IT investments is clear,” Rob Koplowitz, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, wrote in the report Integration: The Next Frontier for Enterprise Social. “Seamless workplace experiences mean fewer interruptions, less task switching, and less time searching, all of which translates into productivity gains for the highly paid information worker.”

WorkSimple’s Yammer integration essentially results in an engaging human resources tool that lets management set the mission, vision, and direction for employees--who then create, share and track goals from inception to completion. WorkSimple’s Yammer Edition drives community, collaboration, and results because each team can see how its work trickles through the organization. HR can clearly see which employees are the rock stars and which could use a little extra coaching on their way to rock star status.

Driving Radical Transparency
Call it radical transparency. It’s a concept Ryan Smith, co-founder and CEO of Qualtrics, and Golnaz Tabibnia, a faculty member in the Department of Social and Decision Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University, call “good business.” In a Harvard Business Review column, the duo defines radical transparency as “the idea of everyone knowing everything” and contend it could be a major driver of increased organizational performance.

“With the WorkSimple Yammer Edition, teams can work better together if they communicate where they are headed—and the roadblocks they are facing on the way to the end line,” said Ben Moore, co-founder and CTO of WorkSimple. “Enterprises can reconnect the disconnect between performance and work while ultimately driving employee engagement by empowering employees with tools that help them drive collaboration and productivity to new heights.”

The fact is work has always been social. Social Performance Management is finding rapid adoption in enterprises because it equips the rising agile workforce to perform in the modern workplace. Bersin & Associates asserts the Agile Model—a concept borrowed from the software development world that offers benefits like speed to market and an ability to respond to shifting customer requirements—is revolutionizing management and human resources. The WorkSimple Yammer Edition is designed with the agile workforce in mind, allowing employees to lead conversations around their work, decisions, and results.

“Enterprises continue to invest in social software because they need to support more fluid communications, improve visibility across their organizations, stimulate idea sharing, and support expertise location and information sharing within teams and around projects,” Gartner reports. “Activity streams, social analytics, and social networking software continue to grow in popularity as tools to achieve these objectives.”

The Rise of Employee-Centric Software Design
The WorkSimple Yammer Edition takes a critical HR function and links it to the enterprise social network, aligning and reviewing performance through a social lens made popular through the rise of user-centric software design.

From project management tools like Basecamp to cloud storage solutions like to developer collaboration platforms like Github to enterprise social networks like Yammer, it’s clear that social approaches to software design have gained momentum at the expense of enterprise top-down platforms.

Jon Dickson, an independent software consultant in the UK, and Darius Kumana, head of user experience at Isotrack, argue that people are beginning to expect more from software. They expect it to work—not work in the sense that the software won't crash every half an hour, but work intuitively and hassle free, as if it were built just for them.

“As users become more computer-savvy, they have a better understanding of how they expect programs to behave. More often than not, users know what they want to achieve,” the duo wrote in a Better Software column. “Any software that hinders them from efficiently achieving their goals will quickly be replaced.”

The WorkSimple Yammer Edition represents the future of work—a future with employee-centric software design that transforms human resources for the social era with real-time tools that create a culture of feedback, recognition, and results. WorkSimple allows teams to collaborate on Social Goals™ in real-time, stay connected around team goals, and solve problems together. And with coaching and feedback, employees and managers can make suggestions, tell coworkers what’s working, or suggest improvements. It’s all populated in real-time and based on making feedback quick, easy, and painless.

Pricing and Availability
●     The WorkSimple Yammer Edition is generally available today for all Yammer customers.
●     The WorkSimple Yammer Edition is available for free for all current Yammer customers.
●     Yammer customers can upgrade to the performance edition when they are ready.
●     Pricing starts at $9 per user per month.

About WorkSimple
WorkSimple is the creator of Social Goals™: a fresh new way to manage careers, performance and results. As easy to use as your favorite social network, WorkSimple is designed for individuals, teams, and large organizations. Our Social Performance Platform gives a better way to share goals, collaborate, get feedback, and get your work endorsed. The Individual Edition is includes Social Goals, Portfolio, Endorsements, Media Sharing, LinkedIn Integration. Teams and Business can upgrade for additional functionality including: Social Goals™, Social Recognition, Get Verified, Feedback, Focus Boards, Activity Streams, Social Engagement Analytics, Company Performance Dashboard, Results-Driven Performance Review, and Administrator Controls.

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