Could Texas’ Office Buildings be Vulnerable to Bio-Terrorism?

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Most office buildings have unprotected backflow devices which could leave them open to possible bio-terrorism attacks but Houston-based has developed a solution.

According to a study by Hach Homeland Security Technologies, Colorado State University and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ( and, the simplest form of terrorist attacks that could inflict mass casualties would be a backflow contamination event. In less than 30 seconds, a terrorist could possibly commit more murders in one Houston or Dallas office building than were committed during the 9/11 Twin Towers attack. Skeptical? If even five of Houston’s largest buildings were attacked on Monday with a chemical that takes a mere 72 hours to have a complete reaction, the death toll would approach twenty-five thousand before the weekend.

The scenario is completely possible and could be achieved through the buildings’ backflow device. Most of the city devices are in the open and have no security cage to protect them from attack. The backflow device is used to protect water supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow and is a vulnerable point in any building.

A Houston-based company has created the solution. BackFlow Armor has engineered a new security cage which is anchored to a concrete slab and the device is only accessible once the cage is unlocked and opened. This patent-pending adjustable cage fits 95% of the backflow devices by adjusting from 28”-51” in length.

To increase the security of the cage, it is constructed of a heavy gage pressed metal with the anchors embedded in concrete. The locks are shrouded in a steel box and are positioned in a way that makes it impossible to get to the lock with a bolt cutter. Many common market cages use eye bolts to anchor the cage to the concrete slab making it easy to access with bold cutters.

BackFlow Armor is asking that you contact your city official and office building management companies and insist that they secure this bioterrorist access point. The monetary cost is low for something that could save lives.

The security cage is now available statewide by calling a plumber or irrigation company and asking for the backflow armor protection.

To find out more about BackFlow Armor log onto or call 1-866-460-0454. Demonstrations and photos are available upon request.


For 21 years they were contractors. During that time they installed tons of backflow enclosures and realized a huge amount of money was being wasted on additional labor by having the technicians do a site visit to measure the device prior to ordering the correct size backflow enclosure. Time was wasted waiting for the correct size to arrive and it became obvious that a better way was needed. Then, a “light bulb moment”! After approaching 8 of their closest contractor friends asking for comments and suggestions on what would be the “best of all worlds” backflow cage and what should be included, a prototype was built. Distributors met the product with open arms, realizing they would only need to stock one backflow enclosure to cover all of the sizes that they had been stocking. Their contractors would no longer go to the competitor down the street to find the correct size because it was not in stock. With BackFlow Armor the correct size backflow cage is always in stock. Additional information can be found at or by calling 1-866-460-0454.

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