The Snack Attack: Herbal Magic Combats Cravings and Helps Dieters Lose Weight with Snacker’s Choice

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Herbal Magic reveals strategies for staying healthy while working long hours.

Herbal Magic recommends lunch breaks for health

Lunch breaks are important for health - Herbal Magic

“Long days and longstanding commitments mean that we can’t always control when we eat, but we can control what we eat,” said Caroline Kolompar, Chief Marketing Officer of Herbal Magic Weight Loss Centres.

Unpredictable schedules and unexpected overtime hours can wreak havoc on a dieter’s best laid plans. While meals may be planned and calories counted from the morning commute to lunch meetings and afternoon coffee breaks, it’s tough to combat cravings and make smart choices when life – or the boss – throws a curveball. Suddenly gym plans are put off another day or forgotten, and pizza delivery and Asian takeout menus share desk space with important work files. Luckily, Herbal Magic is delighted to introduce ways to combat cravings and make smart choices to stay healthy and lose weight while hard at work.

When trying to lose weight, typically unhealthy pre-packaged snack products are not part of a weight-loss plan. But who doesn’t love to snack? After all, keeping smart snacks stored nearby can help bridge the gap between those extra hours and a healthy meal. Unfortunately, even good intentions to keep a stocked work station can get derailed by unhealthy options found in the grocery store snack aisle.

Herbal Magic’s Snacker’s Choice snacks have less fat and fewer calories than some of the choices found in the grocer’s aisle. Plus, Snacker’s Choice Snack Bars, Breakfast Squares and snack bags are pre-measured so there’s no need to worry about over-portioning. Herbal Magic’s pre-portioned snacks satisfy cravings, making it easier to stay in control – even when work gets hectic.

“Long days and longstanding commitments mean that we can’t always control when we eat, but we can control what we eat,” said Caroline Kolompar, Chief Marketing Officer of Herbal Magic Weight Loss Centres. “Snacker’s Choice Snack Products and Snacker’s Choice Breakfast Bars are optimal options to keep on hand to combat cravings and help you lose weight. These convenient, portion-controlled packs are easy to carry and store to help you regain control of your busy life.”

In addition to smart snacking, try these additional tips for a healthy work/life balance:

  •     Take frequent breaks: Ever buckle down in the morning only to look up at noon and realize it’s already time for lunch? As dehydration is often misinterpreted for hunger, it’s important to take breaks to visit the water cooler and drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. You might find that being properly hydrated satisfies hunger pangs.
  •     Go out for lunch: Don’t just sit in front of a computer with the same lame sandwich. Go out for lunch and get outside to take a walk. Return feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the afternoon.
  •     Stretch the boundaries: Relieve a tense situation before it starts by getting up once every hour to perform a few simple stretches. Look online to find plenty of options that can be executed in confined areas (and without drawing unnecessary attention from coworkers).

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