How Does Stress Affect My Fertility?

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Tips from Zita West Clinic for natural fertility and IVF.

How Does Stress Affect My Fertility?

Tips from Zita West Clinic for natural fertility and IVF
The biggest factor that women have to deal when trying for a baby or going through IVF is uncertainty this is a stress in itself IVF With so many of us leading busy lives with challenging jobs, many women wonder how stress affects their fertility.

Maybe baby
The monthly highs and lows can take their toll over time which can impact on your hormones. And although you can’t control when you conceive, you can have an effect on your own internal stress levels. Simple techniques like acupuncture and relaxation CDs are shown to be very effective for reducing stress.

Hormonal havoc
Research by the University of Barcelona suggests that the stress hormone cortisol can disrupt fertility hormones in both sexes. The researchers found that if the body is making many stress hormones on a long term basis it can begin to ‘steal’ building-blocks to vital fertility hormones. The body is depleted of vital nutrients needed for fertility

This means when the body needs to manufacture fertility hormones like oestrogen it has less building blocks to do so, which in turn can disrupt hormone levels and make fertility less predictable.

Stress and weight gain
Long-term stress has a direct effect on your health in all kinds of ways. If your body is continually releasing energy it doesn’t need, then research shows that energy tends to settle back around your middle as fat. Stressed people are also far more likely to gain weight and end up overweight, since stress hormones lead to cravings for fatty and sugary foods.

Fat stored in this ‘apple-shape’ fat associated with stress tends to get more easily back into your bloodstream, which can give you problems like high blood pressure and cholesterol.

All of these issues impact on long-term fertility and the latest study by the University of Chicago shows that miscarriage is also more likely in overweight women.

Stress and IVF
So how does stress affect your chances of IVF success? Long-term stress in general affects your fertility. And a Swedish study has found that women with higher anxiety levels had lower chances of conceiving using IVF. Relaxation CDs, scented candles and acupuncture have also been shown to be great ways to relax.

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