Newly Published Study Concludes that Use of SSRI’s Including Prozac Can Increase Risks of Birth Defects, the Consumer Justice Foundation Reports

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The Consumer Justice Foundation, a for-profit corporation whose team of professional consumer advocates provides free online informational resources regarding the potential dangers of using certain prescription medications, has a Web site URL that is located at, hereby alerts the public of the release of the results of a new study that concludes that the use of the antidepressant medications that are known as SSRI’s including Prozac present a heightened risk of birth defects for children whose mothers use these medications both during and before pregnancy.

The Consumer Justice Foundation is a for-profit corporation staffed by a team of consumer advocates whose mission is to provide free online educational resources regarding the potential dangers regarding the use of certain prescription medications. The CJF hereby alerts the public to a newly-released study that concludes that the use of SSRI’s, which is a class of antidepressant medications that includes Prozac, Lexapro, Paxil and Zoloft could raise the risk of birth defects forming in children of mothers who use these medications both during and before their pregnancies.

Specifically, this study was published on October 31, 2012 and it appeared in a journal known as Human Reproduction. The study was entitled, “The risks of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor use in infertile women: a review of the impact on fertility, pregnancy, neonatal health and beyond.” The study looked at the potential effects of using these medications with regards to potential harm that could be done to unborn children of mothers who used them to treat depression.

The study reviewed data from previous studies and it stated that it was already known that using SSRI’s, also known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, during pregnancy increased the risk that children could be born with such birth defects as long-term neurobehavioral abnormalities, preterm births, pregnancy losses and other problems.

The study went on to conclude that the use of SSRI’s by women who were attempting to become pregnant gave rise to risks of birth defects that included increased a higher risk of miscarriage, preterm births, newborn behavioral syndrome, persistent pulmonary hypertension present in the infant and ongoing behavioral difficulties that developed after the child was born.

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The Consumer Justice Foundation, whose Web site can be found at, is a for-profit organization that serves two purposes for consumers: (1) to provide educational information regarding the policies and procedures of large corporations and how they affect the average consumer; and (2) to provide news updates and resources that continue to update consumers regarding developments taken by corporations that include pharmaceutical drug companies, auto manufacturers and insurance companies so that consumers who have been harmed can use these informational resources to connect to an experienced professional who can help them. The team at the Consumer Justice Foundation is staffed by experienced and passionate consumer advocates whose mission is to raise the awareness of issues that could pose a risk of harm to those who may not otherwise be aware of the dangers they face.

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