The Movement for Marijuana Legalization Lights up Atlanta

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The Atlanta-based Movement for Marijuana Legalization officially launches its legalization campaign in Atlanta. M4ML begins a fact-based discussion about marijuana policy reform and regulation tailored for the South.

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Movement for Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana legalization isn’t about potheads getting stoned. It’s about creating new industries, new jobs, new revenues, and new regulations with this abundant natural resource.

M4ML was founded by a group of native Atlantans that understand the economic and social benefits created by marijuana regulation and believe that Atlanta, and ultimately the entire U.S., will benefit from this inexpensive and renewable natural resource.
M4ML creates a marijuana legalization message by Southerners, for Southerners. Instead of Northeast or West Coast style messages, M4ML focuses its talking points on issues specific to the South. These issues include job creation, increasing revenues without raising taxes, diverting monies from illegal organizations to licensed businesses, enhancing and fortifying social programs, reducing prison overcrowding, preserving the environment, and many more.
Impassioned Executive Director D. Macris says he took up this cause because he was tired of seeing tax dollars being wasted on an unwinnable war against a plant, “The marijuana plant is a plant. It just sits in the dirt, sunbathes and drinks water like a plant. It isn’t hatching an insidious plot to destroy America. It doesn't even have a brain. And we, as a society, spend billions of dollars per year fighting against this plant that doesn't know it’s in a war or fight back; and it’s still winning. Then when you factor in that this plant can be regulated and taxed like alcohol to generate massive revenues, its prohibition is even more baffling. Why aren’t we taking advantage of this natural resource? The Federal Government says that the goal of marijuana prohibition is to protect our youth, but I don’t agree that arresting kids is protecting them. I’m surprised the DEA hasn’t raided Camp Crystal Lake and caught Jason [Voorhees] to protect teenagers because he killed more kids in the 1980s than marijuana ever will. The war against marijuana is a waste of money and an abject failure and I don’t want my tax dollars wasted on it. I think the money would better serve America’s struggling education or healthcare systems.”
He continues, “I was born in Georgia so I’m a real Southerner. I know us. Southerners aren’t scared of a little plant. Once M4ML presents a fact-based discussion, the South will recognize the value of regulation and taxation for this common plant.”

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