Electronic Cigarette Market Growing Stronger

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Once considered a novelty item; the electronic cigarette is starting to gain a significant following in the UK. With Tobacco Specialists recently adding the product to their itinerary; there will be an estimated 1 million Electronic Cigarette owners in the UK by the fourth quarter of 2013 according to Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association UK.

Tobacco Specialists

Tobacco Specialists

The Electronic Cigarette market has continued to go from strength to strength in the wake of law changes.

Its ever-growing list of aficionados are reaping the numerous benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes. Now that the product is being welcomed into the industry by many leading retailers, it seems as though its phenomenal success is only set to grow further.

Since the inception of the first modern electric cigarette in China in 2000, millions of people around the world have started enjoying the realistic simulation of smoking that the electronic cigarette provides. Providing the best of both worlds; the Electronic Cigarette like all inventions has targeted a massive niche in the marketplace that has previously gone unpenetrated.

An industry steeped in hundreds of years of tradition and practice; Tobacco Shops initially treated the Electronic Cigarette in the same manner that one might treat an annoying younger sibling. Quiet disdain was afforded the product upon its early steps into the marketplace. Now however, many of the more forward thinking tobacconists are starting to embrace this new trend.

A major turning point in the success of Electronic Cigarettes in this country occurred in 2007 when the UK smoking ban was incurred. This law forbade people from smoking inside public places. Whilst many non-smokers rejoiced at this change; the law has affected the social life of many smokers in a completely negative manner.

Many smokers who enjoyed smoking cigarettes or Pipe Tobacco felt as though they were being forced out of the pubs and bars that they had frequented for decades. Whilst the venues did aim to provide adequate support for their loyal customer base who smoke with the introduction of smoking shelters and outdoor seating; the social aspect of frequenting such establishments was irreparably tarnished.

The Electronic Cigarette however is being welcomed by many venues as smokers seek an alternative to sitting outside in England’s oft terrible weather. The smoke free nature of the electronic cigarette leads to an unobtrusive smoking sensation for all involved.

With the Electronic Cigarette leaving behind no trace of smell, more and more people are inclined to smoke indoors. Previously many worried that the smoke may offend other members of their family and household; with the Electronic Cigarette, that worry is completely alleviated and eliminated. Smoking around young children will not create harmful side effects and by-products.

With the appearance and effects closely resembling that of the traditional cigarette; the Electronic Cigarette seems likely to only continue rising in popularity.

Data source: http://www.eccauk.org/index.php/uk-sitrep.html

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