Argonne National Laboratory, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Underwriters Laboratories, NASA , and U.S. Army are set to present at Lithium Battery Power & Battery Safety 2012 in Las Vegas.

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Lithium Battery Power and Battery safety 2012 - Las Vegas, NV - December 4-7, 2012

Lithium Battery Power and Battery Safety 2012

Leading experts from top national labs and government agencies are set to present in Las Vegas on December 4-7, 2012 for the 8th International Lithium Battery Power & Battery Safety 2012 conferences. These meetings will showcase the very latest scientific developments from around the world. The presenters and abstract titles from these organizations are featured below.

Improving Li-Ion Battery Safety through Testing and Modeling
Ahmad Pesaran, PhD, Principal Engineer & Energy Storage Group Lead, National Renewable Energy Laboratory *

Internal Shorts in Li-Ion Cells – What Does it Take to Cause One that is Catastrophic
Judith Jeevarajan, PhD, Battery Group Lead for Safety and Advanced Technology, NASA – Johnson Space Center

Tolerance of Li-Ion Pouch Cells to Varied Pressure Space Environments
Judith Jeevarajan, PhD, Battery Group Lead for Safety and Advanced Technology, NASA Johnson Space Center

Development of Li-Metal Batteries
Ji-Guang (Jason) Zhang, PhD, Laboratory Fellow, Battery Technology, Energy & Environment Directorate
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Study of Polarization Effect and Thermal Stability in Aged Lithium-Ion Battery
Mahmood Tabaddor, PhD, Research Manager / Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Underwriters Laboratories Taiwan Co., Ltd., Underwriters Laboratories

Investigation of Lithium Difluoro(Oxalate)Borate (LiDFOB) as Additive in Lithium-Rich Composite Cell
Qingliu Wu, PhD, Electrochemical Energy Storage Group, Chemical Sciences & Engineering Division, Argonne National Laboratory

Effective Approach toward Safe Li-Ion Battery
Sheng S. Zhang, PhD, Research Chemist, Sensors and Electron Devices Directorate, U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Thermal Decomposition Pathway of Delithiated Cathodes
Zonghai Chen, Chemist, Electrochemical Energy Storage Group, Chemical Sciences & Engineering Division, Argonne National Laboratory

Distinguished Faculty:
-Brian Barnett, PhD, TIAX LLC
-Andrew F. Burke, PhD, Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California-Davis
-Steve Carkner, Panacis, Inc
-Zonghai Chen, PhD, Argonne National Laboratory
-Hua Cheng, PhD, Newcastle University, United Kingdom
-Michael D. Eskra, Eskra Technical Products, Inc.
-Alejandro A. Franco, Prof Dr, Atomic and Alternative Energy Commission of France
-Mark Gunderson, Johnson Controls, Inc.
-Wei He, University of Maryland
-Judith Jeevarajan, PhD, NASA Johnson Space Center
-Steven Kaye, PhD, Wildcat Discovery Technology
-Brian J. Landi, PhD, Rochester Institute of Technology
-David S. Lashmore, PhD, Nanocomp Technologies Inc.
-Andrew J. Manning, Lithium Battery Engineering, LLC
-Shreefal Mehta, PhD, Paper Battery Company
-Kai-Christian Möller, PhD, Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology, Germany
-Ahmad Pesaran, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  • James Post, Engineering Spirit BV; and Battery Condition Test International Ltd.

-James E. Powell, Transportation Development Group
-Ajay Prasad, PhD, University of Delaware
-Frank Puglia, Yardney Technical Products
-Ellham Sahraei, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
-Vishal Sapru, Frost & Sullivan
-Hans J. Seifert, PhD, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
-Christian E. Shaffer, PhD, EC Power LLC
-Erik J. Spek, PEng, TÜV SÜD Canada
-Saburo Tanaka, PhD, Toyohashi University of Technology, National University Corporation
-Larry Thomas, Primet Precision Materials, Inc.
-Swati Umbrajkar, PhD, Chilworth Technology, a DEKRA Company
-Karl Vestin, Lithium Balance A/S, Danmark
-Tomasz Wierbicki, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
-Nicholas Williard, CALCE - University of Maryland
-Alvin Wu, Underwriters Laboratories Taiwan Co., Ltd., Underwriters Laboratories
-Qingliu Wu, PhD, Argonne National Laboratory
-Rachid Yazami, PhD, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
-Larry J. Yount, LaunchPoint Energy and Power - LEAP LLC
-Yunhua Yu, PhD, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China
-Ji-Guang (Jason) Zhang, PhD, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
-Sheng S. Zhang, PhD, U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Participating Organizations to date:
3M Company
Advance Battery Technology
Advanced Energy Materials Lab
Alion Science & Technology
Argentine Wind Energy Association
Argonne National Laboratory
Atomic and Alternative Energy Commission of France
Battery Power
Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Best Magazine
BioLogic USA
Buhler, Inc
CDB Rubin
Charged Magazine
Chilworth Technology
China Automotive Review
DAE Technologies
Detroit Testing Laborato
Dow Kokam
Eaglepicher Medical Power LLC
EC Power LLC
Electrochem Solutions, Inc.
Element Materials Technology
Enerdel, Inc.
Eskra Technical Products
ETP, Inc.
EV Hub
FMV, Defence Material Administration
Fraubhofer Institute for Chemical Technology
Freudenberg Nonwovens
Frost & Sullivan
Full Cell Seminar & Exposition
GFS Chemicals, Inc
Gibbard Research & Development Corp.
Global Automotive
GN Resound A/S
Harris Corporation
Heritage International
Honda R&D Americas
Inovus, Inc
Johnson Controls, Inc.
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Kobelco Research Inst., Inc.
Kockums AB
KRI Inc.
LaunchPoint Energy and Power - LEAP, LLC
Lithium Balance A/S
Lithium Battery Engineering, LLC
Maccor, Inc
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MTI Corporation
Nanocomp Technologies, LLC
Nanyang Technological University
NASA Johnson Space Center
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Techno
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Naval Surface Warfare Center
Netzsch Instruments North America, LLC
Newcastle University
nGimat Co
NTT Facilities, Inc.
Osaka Gas Co. Ltd
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Panacis, Inc.
Paper Battery Company
PARC, A Xerox Company
Pike Research
PMB Defense
Rheo Sence, Inc
Rochester Institute of Technology
Push Lead Nigeria Ltd.
Shmuel De-Leon Energy, Ltd
Sony Corporation
SouthWest Electronic Electronic
Southwest Research Institute
Thermal Hazard Technolog
Tohoku University
Tosoh USA
Toyohashi University of Technology
Transportation Development Group
U.S. Army Research Laboratory
UNC - Chapel Hill
Univeristy of the Basque Country
University of California - Davis
University of Delaware
University of Maryland
University of the Basque County
wildcat Discovery Tech
Yardney Technical Products
ZPower LLC

Lithium Battery Power 2012:
Recent significant innovations within lithium-ion batteries have propelled the technology into a position in the marketplace far exceeding recent market survey results. Breakthroughs in new battery chemistries, novel electrode and electrolyte materials, system integration for a vast array of mobile and portable applications, from micro medical devices to high-energy/high-power automotive, have paved the roadmap for an emerging market with unlimited potential.
•New chemistries & materials to increase energy & decrease cost
•Meeting the EV challenge: cycle life, power & energy, cost and safety
•Advanced materials for improved electrode & electrolyte performance
•Application driven lithium ion battery development
•Advanced technology for greater safety, reliability and performance
•From novel materials and components to systems design and integration
•Role of nanotechnology in improving power and energy density

Battery Safety 2012:
Widely publicized safety incidents and recalls of lithium-ion batteries have raised legitimate concerns regarding lithium-ion battery safety. Battery Safety 2012 is conveniently timed with Lithium Battery Power 2012, and will address these concerns by exploring the following topics:
•Application specific battery safety issues affecting battery performance
•Major battery degradation and reliability factors
•Battery management systems
•Commercial cells evaluation and failure analysis
•Advances in testing techniques and protocols
•High throughput testing, automation and modeling for better safety
•Standardization and regulatory issues

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