Dr. Bonnie Explains Why Powerful Men Like Petraeus Cheat

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In an article in the Toronto Sun, relationship therapist and infidelity expert Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil explains why powerful men cheat (http://bit.ly/SPiLAw).

Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil acknowledges that General Petraeus isn't the first (or last) powerful man to cheat, and - in an article in the Toronto Sun - explains why they do it (http://bit.ly/SPiLAw). She says that men in powerful positions often suffer from the bio-chemical craving for connection - the theory that people experiencing stress, separation or loss often are inclined toward thrill-seeking behavior which frequently manifests itself in the form of an affair. This thrill-seeking behavior is a way of over-riding true emotions by opting for a “high” instead.

Those in the limelight have a higher instances of affairs because they're under intense stress on a daily basis, and therefore are more prone toward a self-medicated high to temporarily cancel out the stressful emotions they feel. This is not to excuse the actions of the cheater, but rather to provide a way to understand why these types of situations seem to manifest themselves -especially when it comes to those in the public eye.

Dr. Bonnie says the good news is the truth is out in the open and ready to be dealt with. Traditionally, men have a harder time talking about their feelings and therefore seek “comfort” by engaging in risky behavior. Once this behavior is discovered – often in the form of an affair – it doesn't have to signal the end of a relationship. Instead, it can be used as a spring board for honest discussion. Dr. Bonnie believes Petraeus' marriage can be healed, but to do so he needs to acknowledge the emotions and feelings at the root of the affair. The messy details are already in the public eye, now it's time for he and his wife to engage in private introspection.

Dr. Bonnie talks more about infidelity in her books Make Up Don't Break Up, and Adultery the Forgivable Sin. See her explaining more about the biochemical craving for connection here: http://youtu.be/BjrqJoWX3K4 And check out her “5 Star Video Contributor" via YouTube/Google”https://www.youtube.com/user/drbonnieweil

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