Edouard Cortes Masterpiece Sold By West Highland Art Auctions For $30,000

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French Post-Impressionist oil painting highlights 11 Paris street scenes in Heritage Art Auction.

"We do free appraisals for 240,000 American and European artists. We work with all major auction houses including Sotheby's and Christie's."

Les and Sue Fox, creators of the "American Art Partnership", the only auction broker to guarantee art auction prices, proudly announces the successful sale of Place de la Madeleine, a 13" x 18" masterpiece by Edouard Leon Cortes (1882-1969), the famous painter of Paris street scenes. The painting was sold for West Highland Art Auction Brokers for $30,000 by Heritage Auctions on November 15, 2012, the highest price realized among 11 works by Cortes. The Foxes will share their auction profit with the original owner.

"We were very excited to discover this painting," said Les. "It dates from the 1930's and has been off the market for sixteen years. It's absolutely gorgeous, and one of the finest winter scenes ever created by Cortes."

"Edouard Leon Cortes," Sue Fox explained, "was the most prolific painter of Paris street scenes. According to our research, he may have painted as many as 15,000 beautiful pictures during his 60-year career, rivaling the output of American artists Emile Gruppe and Guy Wiggins, who often painted one painting a day for decades.

Curiously, Cortes, acknowledged as a great talent at age 19, is not currently represented in any museums but is internationally collected. Edouard Leon Cortes began painting his trademark Paris scenes in the early 1900's. He was the son of Antonio Cortes, painter for the Spanish Royal Court.

"This museum dilemma could be because people mistakenly think of Cortes as a commercial artist, the Thomas Kinkade of the early 20th Century," Les suggested. "The truth is, Cortes was an amazing Post-Impressionist. Unlike thousands of artists who copied him, the details of his women and children, his horses and carriages, the architecture of Paris, and the light emanating from store windows and street lamps, are phenomenal. A Cortes contemporary, Antoine Blanchard, who painted similar Paris street scenes, may have contributed to the false notion that these historic paintings are not important works of art. These are two very important artists. With respect to the copycats, we caution art collectors not to be fooled by cheap imitations. Cortes' work is superb. That's why it commands tens of thousands of dollars at auction."

Both Cortes and Blanchard are featured in the Foxes' new book The Art Hunters Handbook, available on Amazon. The book includes the story of a small painting by Cortes which was donated to Goodwill in 2008 and later sold by Sotheby's for $40,000. There are dozens of other wonderful stories of paintings found at garage sales and flea markets, and later sold at auction for large sums of money. Les and Sue Fox are New York Times bestselling authors as well as art experts and art auction brokers. They have a website at: http://www.AmericanArtAdvisor.com.

"We do free art appraisals of 240,000 American and European artists," Sue pointed out. "People who they think may have a valuable painting should contact us through our website. We don't charge a penny for research, and we offer a unique program of buying paintings as 50-50 auction partners. The people we've done business with over the past 35 years are extremely happy with our services and our honesty. Each year we appraise, buy and broker hundreds of paintings by artists like Edouard Cortes, Hayley Lever, Frederick Mulhaupt, Birger Sandzen, Fern Coppedge, Colin Campbell Cooper, Emile Gruppe and Anthony Thieme. We rarely buy Picassos, but you never know."

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