Flu Vaccinations Not Effective as Once Thought; Biotech Company Provides New, Innovative UV Technology Flu Prevention

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With recent research indicating that cold and flu shots are now not as effective as once believed to be, biotech company, UV Technology LLC, has created the UV-Aid, utilizing photo-oxidation that offers added insurance against all strains of the flu.

Bacterial Colony Comparison Before and After UV-Aid Treatment

Most flu vaccines provide only moderate protection against influenza, and in some years barely make a difference at all.

Biotech company,UV Technologies LLC, offers a preventative measure against all strains of the cold and flu with their UV-Aid product. Through the use of photo-oxidation, UV-Aid offers a way to prevent cold and flu viruses naturally.

A comprehensive analysis from several case studies conducted by infectious disease expert, Michael Osterholm (published in the British medical journal) concluded that “most flu vaccines provide only moderate protection against influenza, and in some years barely make a difference at all.”

“The great thing about UV-Aid is that regardless of any sort of flu strain mutation, the photo-oxidation process through the UV light helps prevent an onset of cold and flu symptoms,” says Kevin McGuire, UV Technology founder. “The product has received 100% customer satisfaction this far.”

Most vaccines are only effective against specific strains of flu, which mutate constantly. The government monitors new strains that infect people in order to ensure proper vaccines are being developed and administered each cold and flu season. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) provides updates on the different types of influenza strains seasonally.

According to the CDC, it’s impossible to predict what flu virus will predominate a certain season. With what they call an “antigenic drift”, it also makes it hard to pinpoint which vaccine will be most useful for people in advance.

UV-Aid stimlates the production of hydrogen peroxide in the ear, nose, and throat in less than one pico-second. This gives UV-Aid’s technology potential leverage above the regular flu shot, as it uses a ground-breaking innovation of channeling photo-oxidation to a concentrated area in order to kill germs where most infections start. Researchers from Harvard University recently discovered hydrogen peroxide also acts to signal white blood cells to the area to further fight the germs and help prevent the onset of disease. Once the production of hydrogen peroxide, an effective & safe disinfectant, is stimulated by UV-Aid and has performed its task of killing germs, the body breaks it down into the harmless products of water and oxygen.

About UV Technology, LLC:
UV Technologies, LLC’s mission is to provide the best and most innovative products for customers’ health and well-being. Our company takes great pride in its commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. UV-Aid helps prevent colds, flu, sore throats, sinus, and ear infections through the process of photo-oxidation. iTanSmart is a free App. developed to help manage exposure to the sun. UV Technologies promises to bring you the safest and most innovative products to live a healthier, more productive life. UV Technologies is a member of the Better Business Bureau. For more information visit: UVAid.com

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