Santanning Spa Introduces New Eye Protection Products to their Line of Merchandise

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Santanning Spa brings in eye protection units in merchandise. Eye protection units are for tanning and outdoor use to prevent UV-induced eye damage.

Santanning Spa, a reputable San Diego tanning salon introduces a new addition to the merchandise they are carrying for a better and safer tanning experience. Eye protection units are now available in the salon all year round to offer tanning patrons better protection during sessions and even when outdoors.

As a customer-oriented tanning salon, Santanning Spa is quick to add the eye protection units in their merchandise. Tanning goggles are offered in the spa’s services such as UV tanning, airbrush tanning and red light therapy since UV rays can cause instantaneous and permanent damage to the eyes when left unprotected during sessions or even with just a single session of no eye protection. These eye protection goggles also keep chemicals from getting into the eyes during airbrush tanning. Eye wear protection units for outdoors are also available. Exposing one’s eyes to the sun’s UV rays without protection can result to eye damage.

FDA-approved tanning goggles are specifically designed to block out as much UV rays as possible to reduce the risks of eye damage. A considerable percentage of tanning salon goers use a towel or dark cloth as an eye protection device during tanning. However, towels and dark cloths offer very little protection against UV rays, blocking as little as 5%.

"Our focus has always been the safety and comfort of our patrons", remarked Char Benton, owner of the well-loved tanning salon. "We want our customers walking out of our salon with a beautiful glow and we want to make sure that their eyes are not damaged in the process which is why all the eye protection units we offer are FDA-approved and of the best quality.

Santanning Spa has been known for providing the best tanning experience, excellent customer service and a strong focus on customer safety. The San Diego spa is known to use and sell natural products without toxic ingredients. The spa is also among the few tanning salons that ensure their used bulbs do not contaminate the environment. The paradise-like salon may also be just a few of San Diego salons offering both tanning and outdoor eye protection units in their merchandise. Benton was quick to add that the reason behind having both tanning and outdoor eye protection units all year round in the spa is because of the fact that UV exposure whether indoor or outdoor no matter the season has damaging effects to the eyes.

“UV-induced eye damages include photokeratitis or snow blindness, night vision loss, color vision loss, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, macular degeneration and cataracts. And we don’t want our patrons to get any of these eye damages. The eye protection units we carry, for tanning and outdoor use, just goes to show that we are a San Diego tanning spa that cares for their customers as soon as they walk in the door and even after they have walked out the door,” said Benton.

About Santanning Spa
Santanning Spa is a customer-oriented tanning salon located in the beautiful suburban city of Santee. The tanning salon is focused to provide patrons with excellent services and high quality products in their merchandise. The salon is well known for their commitment to a green environment and safety of all customers.
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