Holiday Stress and Weight Gain Can Be Prevented With Emotional Weight Eliminator

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The team of The Eliminators has come up with a new product called Emotional Weight Eliminator to help eliminate the stress and weight gaining that develops during the holiday seasons. Expert nutritionists all agree, introducing stress both external, such as job deadlines and money concerns, and internal mental stresses, such as relationship and self-esteem issues, can be potent weight gain contributors at any time of the year.


Total control in the palm of your hand!

I know Emotional Weight Eliminator works. I went from a size 12 to a size 8. The amazing thing is I never felt hungry!

Holiday season stressors are through-the-roof contributors that exacerbate existing bad habits and the general year round tendency to medicate with food and drink. When it comes to the holidays, most tend to throw caution to the wind where rich foods and drinks are concerned.

Women, in particular, tend to struggle the most with weight issues, because they are the primary care givers, the home-makers, and the ones who organize most or all the festivities and events for family and friends. Women generally are more emotional than men and are therefore, more susceptible to falling victim to stress and emotional upheaval during the holidays.

Emotional stress increases the presence of the stress hormone, cortisol. Food allergens, like gluten, dairy, and eggs, can also be a cause of this increased cortisol and inflammation in the body.

Cortisol “increases insulin which can inhibit weight loss and actually increase belly fat,” and “dampens [the] ability to receive pleasure and satisfaction from food,” shares author and physician, Dr. Mark Hyman.
Cortisol is a hormone produced by your adrenal glands in response to dealing with stressful situations. This is the body’s way of ramping up adrenaline levels to move your body out of harms way. Here’s the thing, stress is stress and it doesn’t know the difference between a life threatening physical situation and a mentally stressful situation. Scientific studies have shown that when stress levels are high, it increases appetite, cravings for sugar, and this is typically stored in the abdominal region. Which is why the quickest way to deal with stress, is to reach for these high carb “comfort foods”. So, the more stress, the more weight gain, and it typically winds up around the belly.

Emotional Weight Eliminator helps with the emotions that govern our need to mindlessly medicate with ‘comfort’ food (often harmful processed snack foods) run the gamut from stress to anxiety to loneliness to boredom to anger ad infinitum.

Arguably, if stress and medicating with comfort food can cause severe health issues and weight gain, then by eating healthy foods and effectively managing emotions that cause stress and trigger the production of cortisol is the logical answer. Managing stress and resulting hormone levels is the cornerstone and antidote to effective and permanent weight release.

There are many great nutritionists who can provide road maps to navigate the pitfalls of genetically modified foods in the supermarket to a healthy eating lifestyle.

Managing stress and the emotions that cause the production of detrimental hormones is THE most important approach to changing how the body functions!

Until recently, physical approaches such as meditation, yoga etc. were, and still are, very good methods by which to achieve a calmer and more manageable life and resulting internal hormonal balance.
When the stresses of life and the compulsion that emotions create toward needing that sugar or comfort food ‘fix’ if unable to turn the tide on these emotions at the time that they are occurring, the opportunity to stay ahead of the problem is lost.

A new product made in Canada provides a portable and instant means by which to manage those emotions and eliminate the need to medicate with comfort foods. The product called Emotional Weight Eliminator harnesses the emotional and physical healing properties of specific flower essences that are further energized with Reiki energy to provide an instant, portable and totally safe means by which to transmute those emotions into feelings of instant calm and complete control. The Eliminators company literature says “take control in the palm of your hand” For more information about Emotional Weight Eliminator please visit their website or contact the company at 1-888-503-5274

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