Free On-Demand Web-Based Program Offers Continuing Education in Applying Analytics and Imaging to Optimize Pharmaceutical Quality

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Tune in to this free, on-demand webcast to hear 19 experts from the U.S. and Europe discuss how to apply spectroscopy, particle characterization and imaging individually and together, to improve pharmaceutical quality, enhance compliance and establish a base for continuous quality improvement

Hear experts in the U.S. and Europe discuss how NIR, Raman, particle characterization and imaging are being used, and combined, to prevent product quality problems and establish a basis for continuous quality improvement.

Moderated by NIR spectroscopist Emil Ciurczak, the free webcast, which is available on-demand to suit your schedule, features real-world examples and such expert speakers as Benoit Igne of Duquesne University, Thomas De Beer of the University of Ghent, who discusses complementary use of Raman and NIR to optimize lyophilization, as well as FDA’s John Kauffman and Howard Mark, who discuss chemometrics.

To select from three full days of webcast presentations, please click here.

For more information, please contact Agnes Shanley, Editor in Chief, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and, at ashanley(at)putman(dot)net or 630-467-1301, Ext. 410.

Below is the full list of speakers and the topics they present.

Day 1 NIR

Benoit Igne, Duquesne University: Using NIR for real-time monitoring of pharmaceutical tablet coating
Florian Eigenmann, Bruker Optics: Using an Advanced PAT Solution for Real Time Release of Tablets – the Tandem III
Professor Rodolfo Romañach of the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez: Advances in NIR Spectroscopy in Continuous Mixing of a Pharmaceutical Formulation
Dean Stuart, Technical Specialist, Thermo Scientific: Handheld NIR Spectroscopy for Qualitative & Quantitative Raw Material Identification
Ralf Marbach, Chief Research Scientist at VTT Optical Instruments Center, with Ghent University: Science Based Calibration for Determining the API in Low Dose Tablets by Transmission NIRS
Gabor J Kemeny, Middleton Research: Hyperspectral Imaging in Formulation Development and as a Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
Gary Ritchie, President, Council for NIR Spectroscopy: New Directions in NIR Spectroscopy

Day 2 Raman

John Kauffman, FDA: A review of chemometric methods for Raman, analyzing the trade off between the time required for method development and sensitivity. Transfer of calibration methods will also be addressed.
Enrique Lozano, B&W Tek: Efficient and Cost-Effective Material Verification with Handheld Raman
Juuti Mikko, VTT: Monitoring the structure of freeze dried virus vectors with Raman spectroscopy, and endpoint moisture with NIR
Rick Cox of DeltaNu, a business unit of Intevac Photonics: Enabling 100% Raw Material Testing with Handheld Raman
Thomas De Beer, University of Ghent: Optimizing Freeze Drying by Applying Raman and NIR for In-Process Monitoring
Dean Stuart, Technical Specialist, Thermo Scientific: Evolution of Handheld Raman Spectroscopy for Material Identification in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Howard Mark: Chemometrics Update

Day 3 Particle Characterization & Imaging

Niels Ryde, NR Consulting: Apples to apples: Ensuring the comparability of particle characterization data, and adjusting for differences between different platforms. Niels was formerly the Principal Scientist at Elan Pharmaceutical.
Dr. P.J. Cullen of Dublin Institute of Technology: PAT for Particle Characterization of Granulation, Milling and Spheronizing Processes
James Burke, Alkermes: Applying imaging to improve particle characterization in solid dosage form manufacturing
Dr. Linda H Kidder and Dr. E.Neil Lewis, Malvern Instruments: Combining Raman Microscopy with Particle Size and Shape Analysis: Solving Problems in Pharma
Dr. Arwa S El Hagrasy, Purdue University: At-line/In-line Monitoring of Granule Size Using a 3D Particle Characterizer

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