New York-Based Startup Launches “Embrace Her…She’s Igniting Her Legacy” to Spark the Professional Flame in Young Women

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Crowd Funding proceeds support building a new women’s digital network; supporters who give will also receive life-changing perks.

“Embrace Her Legacy is what every woman needs,” said Shameika Bowman, Embrace Her Legacy member and make-up artist extraordinaire. “Our legacy is what we leave behind for others to remember us by. EHL has already contributed to my own legacy.

Today, the innovative New York City based women’s network and digital media outlet, Embrace Her Legacy, launches its first crowd funding campaign “Embrace Her…She’s Igniting Her Legacy”. Proceeds from “Igniting Her Legacy” will help raise funds for program production and network development via IndieGogo. (

Specifically, the “Igniting Her Legacy” campaign will assist with several new features Embrace Her Legacy has planned in support of the company mission which is to provide information and tools that will help women build their legacies with excellence and elegance. Monetary contributions will help pay for the web-based talk program “Embrace Her Legacy Talk”, unprecedented workshops and events and software and development for the company’s social media platform. As a thank you for investing in its members, Embrace Her Legacy will provide all financial contributors with their own personal legacy-building perks.

The features of each perk differentiate with the amount contributed to the campaign. For example, a $25 contribution is the “This is My Legacy” perk which includes a guide that will help you unveil your purpose and your legacy along with a hand-written thank you. Perks include everything from a “Become Your Legacy” guide (which is a comprehensive one year guide to help you manifest your legacy), to complimentary access to Embrace Her Legacy events to associate producer credits for Embrace Her Legacy Talk to free membership into the Embrace Her Legacy Women’s Network.

“We believe that in life, you always have something at your reach to help you accomplish whatever goal it is that you’re trying to achieve,” said Maria Melendez, founder of Embrace Her Legacy. “You just have to make the decision to look for it. Embrace Her Legacy is here to help others find that. Now, we are looking to anyone who will help us reach our goal to raise ten thousand dollars in the upcoming weeks.”

Embrace Her Legacy provides the expertise and resources women need to help cultivate excellence in their professional and personal lives. Their mission is to help women prosper in their careers, businesses, personal development, image, and finances in order for them to embrace their legacies.

Since the startup launched in June ninety professionals have joined the network. “Embrace Her Legacy is what every woman needs,” said Shameika Bowman, Embrace Her Legacy member and make-up artist extraordinaire. “Our legacy is what we leave behind for others to remember us by. EHL has already contributed to the legacy that I am creating for myself as an entrepreneur. EHL has allowed my voice and love for beauty to be heard by women nationwide. I have been given the platform to share my love of educating women on beauty tips thanks to EHL.”

Melendez found Embrace Her Legacy for the young woman with insecurities, fears and doubts about her professional purposes in life. Melendez knows these women because she lived it. “I doubted my own abilities to better myself because of where I cam from,” said Melendez, a native of East New York in Brooklyn. “But I not only made it to college, I graduated cum laude, I got that great job and I built a powerful network of people who support me. I was so lucky to have someone help me realize my legacy, I just want to help hundreds of people around the world do the same thing.”

“Supporters of Embrace Her Legacy are investing into the lives and legacies of hundreds of women around the world who can benefit from the Embrace Her Legacy services,” said Melendez.

Please visit for more information and to contribute to the campaign.

Embrace Her Legacy is based in New York City and is a chic women’s network and innovative digital media outlet that shows women how to build their legacies with excellence and elegance. In the legacy building business, we provide the expertise and resources needed to help women cultivate excellence in both their professional and personal lives through an array of services. Our mission is to help women prosper in their careers, businesses, image, inner beauty, finances, relationships and any other area that can help women around the world embrace her legacy. We do this thru our one-of-kind blog, customized events, informational workshops and seminars, social media platform, web-based talk programs and consulting services. Embrace Her Legacy prepares its members to embody the modern female professional – a confident and savvy woman who is distinguished in her craft, lives a healthy lifestyle, nurtures her beauty and always embraces her legacy.

Realizing that all women have a legacy to leave behind, the Embrace Her Legacy Women’s Network is a company designed to assist women become powerhouses by creating opportunities for career-oriented and entrepreneurial minded women to build their legacies and expand their network. Embrace Her Legacy provides opportunities of professional growth for entrepreneurial and business-minded women through its interactive network, tailored events, and engaging social media. Enthusiastic professionals gain access to an elite network of prominent, successful women with an abundance of wisdom, knowledge, and advice to share while gaining the tools needed to build their individual legacies. The organization’s focus is to motivate zealous women to use their skills and activate their full potential. Our woman is unstoppable. She will possess the confidence to do what she sets forth and Embrace Her Legacy.

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