Kyoto Carbon Kleptomania of "Damage Aid" at Doha Denounced by Friends of Science

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The Doha COP-18 demand for ‘damage aid’ from industrialized nations is more “Kyoto carbon kleptomania” that ignores the dynamic role of solar cycles affecting climate change says Friends of Science. ‘Climate wealth’ for carbon speculators pushes taxpayers into ‘fuel poverty.’ Sixteen years of stable climate disproves the climate catastrophe cult of global warming.

“The Doha COP-18 science is incomplete. The Western taxpayer is being enslaved to green-wash dogma at Doha,” says Len Maier. “We call it ‘Kyoto carbon kleptomania’.”

The climate science critical reviewers, Friends of Science, denounce the outcome of the COP-18 climate change summit in Doha, Qatar and its demand for ‘damage aid.’ Doha delegates concluded that rich industrial nations have allegedly damaged the climate, theoretically resulting in catastrophic global warming – consequently rich nations should pay poor, developing countries ‘damage aid’.

Friends of Science say this notion is based on ‘cult science’ that is faulty and incomplete in scope. The last 16 years of stable temperatures, despite a rise in carbon dioxide (CO2) levels disprove the theory that carbon emissions lead to catastrophic warming.

“The UN climate change panels do not even consider the sun’s influence in their climate change predictions,” says Len Maier, President. “Yet there is a clear correlation between various solar (i.e. sun spot activity) and climate fluctuations on earth.”

This view of IPCC science is supported by Norm Paterson in a 2011 edition of Geoscience Canada wherein he states, "The difficulty of refuting this popular hypothesis [of human-caused global warming] is exacerbated by the IPCC's United Nations mandate to advise governments on the severity of man-made global warming, a mandate that they have followed faithfully, encouraging the emergence of a large body of funded research that supports their view."

Friends of Science has been reviewing and compiling peer-reviewed research on climate change for the past decade.

“The Doha COP-18 science is incomplete. The Western taxpayer is being enslaved to dogma at Doha,” says Len Maier. “We call it ‘Kyoto carbon kleptomania’.”

The 1997 Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change was supposed to reduce global CO2 in order to stop the much-hyped threat of global warming, keeping emissions to the 1990 level of 22.6Gt (Billion metric tonnes). In spite of over a trillion dollars spent world-wide in meeting commitments to the Kyoto Protocol, CO2 emissions have topped 34Gt representing a 39.8% increase in CO2 emissions since 1997.

“With no global warming, climate is no longer an issue, so the Doha climate talks were not really about climate but strictly about CO2 emissions in support of the Kyoto initiated carbon trading industry,” says Norm Kalmanovitch, a geophysicist and long-time, leading Friends of Science member.

Carbon emissions trading, carbon capture and sequestration have all become popular proposed methods of reducing carbon dioxide, but so far the EU carbon trade industry worth billions – has been fraught with security breaches and corruption. Chicago’s carbon exchange died in 2010, trading at less than a nickel.

Kalmanovitch also notes that climate change talks typically bash Canada's oil sands over carbon emissions, yet reportedly Qatar's per capita emissions are some of the highest in the world.

Qatar’s CO2 emissions stand at 42.5 tonnes of CO2 per person compared to just 18.4 tonnes per person in Canada.”

Canada pulled out of Kyoto in 2011, Russia and Japan will not participate and the US has never ratified Kyoto.

Friends of Science reject the notion that atmospheric carbon dioxide presents any significant risk to the climate or human life. Carbon dioxide is a trace gas in the atmosphere, less than 0.04% and is crucial to the existence of life itself.

Likewise, they say there is no scientific evidence that recent storms are unusual or due to climate change caused by human activity. There’s no evidence that climate can be contained by reducing or capturing carbon dioxide.

“Historic and geologic records of climate fluctuations of the past 5,000 to 400 million years show that climate events of today are well within the norm,” says Maier.

Historically, Hannibal rode elephants over the Alps during the Roman Optimum; a warm period. European cathedrals were built during stable weather of the Medieval Warm Period. Yet the Thames River in London froze over during the Little Ice Age. The Mount Tambora volcanic eruption in 1815 lead to ash-filled skies and lower temperatures of the “Year without Summer.”

“Kyoto carbon kleptomania kills the taxpayer," says Maier, "carbon policies and the rush to ‘renewables’ puts average citizens into ‘fuel poverty’. Carbon speculators get rich on hot air and 'climate wealth'."

About the Friends of Science
A group of mostly retired earth and atmospheric scientists, professional engineers and geologists, Friends of Science has been reviewing peer-reviewed science on climate change for over a decade and their conclusion is that the sun is the main driver of climate change cycles, not you or CO2.

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