Viral Vaccine – Waseem Saddique Urges ‘Injection of Life’ into Online Marketing Campaigns

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The Viral Virus is contagious and it spreads. Irrespective of every online marketing technique that exists, there is no better form of marketing than word-of-mouth.

Waseem Saddique Marketing

Waseem Saddique Marketing

Online Marketing campaigns are just the catalysts that compel people to sit up and take notice of a business that has something to say.

Online Marketing techniques don’t spread news, people spread news. Waseem Saddique comments: “Online Marketing campaigns are just the catalysts that compel people to sit up and take notice of a business that has something to say.”

Waseem Saddique Marketing Services reveals a comprehensive guide, giving businesses an insight into the value of viral, and the key elements for implementing an effective viral marketing campaign.

The guide at a glimpse:

1.    The word ‘Free’ increases viral velocity
In the marketing world, the word ‘Free’ will trigger a viral marketing campaign, whether it was intended or not. Draw the attention of one consumer and they’ll do the hard work for you, sharing an online marketing campaign with friends and family, promoting a business with very little effort from the business itself.

Offering a free product or service increases the speed at which consumers become aware of your presence. With the aid of social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, viral marketing campaigns can spread like wildfire. In fact one of the features of Facebook is that it allows you to monitor the impact of a posting as it displays viral reach.

2.    Make your online marketing campaign easily transferable
In order to send an online marketing campaign into viral overdrive, the information should be quickly digestible and easy to transfer. “This is what makes viral contagious”, states Waseem Saddique. The platform that carries an online marketing campaign should be quickly transferable and simple to replicate.

Waseem Saddique suggests: “The use of e-mails, simple graphics, social media and other simplistic mediums that make it easy for consumers to ‘spread the word’, will boost the impact of any viral element of an online marketing campaign.”

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow for the quick transfer of information. Facebook in particular has a ‘share’ feature and Twitter restricts postings to 140 characters and has a ‘re-tweet’ feature, allowing people to instantly transfer information that is of particular interest to them personally.

3.    Exploit common motivational factors
Intelligent online marketing campaigns factor in how they can achieve a viral aspect. Successful viral marketing campaigns exploit human motivations. Waseem Saddique says: “Focus your online marketing campaign on what drives people, for example, the desire to be loved, popular, wanted and understood are all driving forces of human existence and, on a slightly controversial note, so is greed, so viral marketing campaigns should target these forces.”

4.    Utilise established communication networks
The majority of people are social. According to social ‘experts’ every person on the planet has a ‘circle of influence’ that consists of between 8-12 people that includes family, friends and acquaintances. Attract the attention of a single person and viral marketing escalates, impacting that person’s ‘sphere of influence’.

5.    Make use of other resources
Extremely creative viral marketing campaigns work in conjunction with other resources in order to ‘spread the word’. Waseem Saddique states: “To inject life into an online marketing campaign, businesses should consider affiliate programs, for instance, post text or image links on other websites, give away free articles and seek to get them published on other websites. Generate news releases and issue them to distribution sites.”

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