President George H.W. Bush Describes for the Blind “It’s A Wonderful Life™” "Eyes Of Christmas™” - Celebrity Broadcast

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Top Stars Rally for RPI Fighting Blindness, Sending Their Message out to 160 Million Homes on ION Media Network, Fox-KCOP Channel 13 Los Angeles, Dish and DirecTv, December 25th, Preceded by President George Herbert Walker Bush Describing the Frank Capra Classic, 'It's A Wonderful Life' for the Blind and Vision Impaired. Broadcast Includes Eye Test for Early Detection of Visual Disorders and Degenerative Diseases

James Cameraon, Helen J Harris, George H.W. Bush

Helen, I'm thrilled that TheatreVision's descriptive version of It's a Wonderful Life was such a big success.. Keep up the great work working...
George H.W. Bush

On the anniversary of her husband’s death in 1999, Helen Harris, Founder of RP International got the wonderful news of lung cancer reversing at a never before seen rate.

Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, Harris underwent surgery at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, California and was discharged with a positive future. On chemotherapy and hormone shots for nearly five years, the happy ending turned into a nightmare of near immediate death from cancer which was thought to be under control by her physicians.

Harris now finds herself in a battle for her life, and as a blind patient she has a remarkable picture of living in the darkness while the chemotherapy intravenously goes through her body. However, this treatment she says now was not working and no one told her about it.

Harris switched doctors when she was told that she no longer could get PET scans. She found and met with Dr. William Audeh at Cedars-Sinai who was willing to help her. Two weeks after the meeting, Dr. Audeh took over her treatment. Within what he now calls an unbelievable record setting time, Harris began to show remarkable improvement in her lungs. Years ago, they were told that the cancer was traveling at a record speed. Her son was told by her original physician that she would be dead within weeks after a cold turned into pneumonia. This so-called pneumonia turned out to be a massive invasion of lung cancer. Following a visit to a pulmonary specialist, Harris was immediately put onto an oxygen machine in the office. She was told that she would need to use this machine for the rest of her life since there is not enough oxygen helping her. Harris left the office wearing her oxygen machine with no understanding of how this was possible.

Harris reminds us on the anniversary of her husband’s death (December 10th) of the miracle of a massive reduction of fluid and cancer in her lungs that began to formulate. During a doctor visit, the doctor let out a shout as he reviewed the x-rays. Harris asked him why he was shouting, and he explained to her as he read the ever improving x-rays which showed a 90% reversal of the lung cancer. Harris blesses herself with the sign of the cross. She reminiscences as she recalls the moment which she has done before when Dr. William Audeh of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center read the results. Harris states that she has been given the chance for her life to be saved and what has happened to her has never happened to anyone else before.

With months of agonizing side effects, including the hand-foot syndrome which left her with blistering, swollen and peeling hands and feet with numbness and no voice, the blind artist and grandmother undergoes monthly visits to Dr. Audeh’s office for speech therapy to regain her once beautiful voice. She also receives therapy for the numbness and burning in her hands and physical therapy for the swollen and numb feet that keep her from wearing shoes or socks. “This is the price of life”, she says laughing through the wearing treatments and visits to Cedars-Sinai and local physicians while still producing former President George Herbert Walker Bush’s description of “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Written and delivered to NBC by Helen Harris, now grandmother of three boys.

Harris has three sons of her own, two of which have RP. Harris states that her middle son asked her a question yesterday, “mom”, he said, “is your life fulfilled, I mean do you have any unfulfilled wishes.” Harris responded, “of course, I want to live to see the cure for RP, so you, your brother and I can see again.” After fifty years of searching for the cure, the adult cell transplant was kicked-off by Harris in 1984 when she funded the first patient research and restoration of partial vision in New Orleans through RP International. With this hope, Harris states, “someday, I will see again and paint.”

On Christmas Eve, December 24th, NBC will air “It’s A Wonderful Life” described by Former President George Herbert Walker Bush in its entirety and on Christmas Day, December 25th, at 8 p.m. “The Eyes of Christmas” airs nationwide Christmas Eve morning nationally at 6 a.m. and on KCOP Fox Channel 13 in Los Angeles from 4 to 6 a.m., with a hundred stars including Vin Scully, Bob Costas, George Burns, Bob Hope, Celine Dion, and fifty other Hollywood top stars.

I put the stars in the eyes of blind children for Christmas. Twenty years ago, what was once a forgotten show, I put on CD in English and Spanish as well as Korean. Now I want the life of everyone with this horrible cancer to get treatment as I have. With the treatment of children’s eyes and the best cure in the world for eyesight restoral, the joy of living to see is mine forever.

Information on Helen Harris and her two holiday published books and single can be found on her website and and You can also reach Helen at (818) 992-0631 or e-mail

YouTube Video of former President George H.W. Bush describing movie with founder, Helen Harris

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