Year End Update: Photographer Rodney Rascona Covers the Drought in The Horn of Africa for The Paradigm Project

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After being awarded 2010 International Photographer of the Year: Deeper Perspective by the LUCIE Foundation last season for his work in Haiti, Rodney returned to East Africa on assignment for The Paradigm Project, an organization recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative as a member of the United Nations Global Alliance.

Rascona’s unusual breadth of life experiences crisscross 5 hemispheres, creating inspirational images from The Horn of Africa to the "Kings of Kibera" to DHL - clients and creatives trust Rodney, in the creation of iconic portraits worldwide...

After being awarded 2010 International Photographer of the Year: Deeper Perspective by the LUCIE Foundation last season for his work in Haiti, Rodney returned to East Africa on assignment for The Paradigm Project, an organization recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative as a member of the United Nations Global Alliance.

Rodney traveled to The Horn of Africa, to Dadaad, to create a series of portraits to help raise awareness and to help The Paradigm Project and subsequent organizations he’s facilitated with post production image licensing, such as Food For the Hungry and the United Nations Global Alliance, to play their part in response to the ongoing drought conditions in the region. A commercial photographer, Rodney’s portraits are inspirational, poignant, motivating and offer an intimate view of conditions on the ground as well as providing images which go beyond that which has been created via ongoing press coverage.

The Pink Door Photographs:
The Back Story:

The Pink Door Photographs, his work from Haiti, continues to be embraced by organizations needing strong images to bring attention to the ongoing plight of the Haitian people. This year saw Rodney working with Executive Producer Phil Tidy/London and Final Cut/London, in the build of a clip to invite organizations to an exhibition to take place in London in Spring of 2012. Richard Hawley, one of Britain’s leading songwriters, lent his music “Last Orders” as a musical vista to be used behind Rodney’s photographs. Equally the internationally recognized portrait collection, will be curated by Myriam Blundell of Myriam Blundell Projects ( and is scheduled to be held at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden. The current and future life of this body of photographs, portraits that are vibrantly modern and present an image of hope, is to utilize Rodney’s work to generate interest and attention to Haiti’s people and the tremendous strife they continue to endure.

Kings of Kibera:

While on a returning assignment from Tanzania to offer his support to a new orphanage, Rodney produced a pictorial essay on young hip hop dancers living in the world’s largest slum outside of Sowetto in South Africa, the Kibera Slums located just outside of Nairobi. A creative effort to produce a clip of raw, untrained dancers for an episodic pilot project in London, Rodney spent only a limited amount of time with a set of young men who have limited opportunities in their world. So together, they went to the streets walking from one location to another seeking the best place to perform throughout the slums. In the end, a burned out basement garage and a housing project served as backdrops to an ad hoc group pulled together by Rodney to help them reach an audience for their creative dancing, well outside of their humble existence within Kibera. Undeterred by the first rains in years, they pushed on to create an urban and texturally graphic body of photographs, pure, raw and unpretentious

Exodus from Somalia

Inspired by the people he met while in Dadaab, specifically Somali refugees driven across the border lands into the camps within Kenya, Rodney is constructing an exhibition which will portray over sized portraits of those struggling to survive along the Kenyan/Somali border, presenting 12 women’s stories of survival, 12 voices,12 intimate profiles to be showcased in an intimate pop up location in greater London in the Spring of 2012. The work will be fresh, honest, unpretentious and immediate via the pop up experience, once again, where Rodney is leveraging his advertising skills, to graphically capture the attention of the viewer to inspire them to get involved.

Ongoing projects include the production of work on location in Guatemala, forays into film for The Paradigm Project in East Africa, will move into pre production of an independent feature documentary centered on the lives caught up in the grips of survival within the drought zone and continued work for The United Nations Global Alliance.

About Rodney Rascona:
For the past 12 years, award-winning advertising photographer Rodney Rascona has utilized his more than three decades of professional experience to help raise revenue and awareness for relief and development organizations around the globe. Recognizing the need to give voice to those who might not otherwise be heard, his extensive humanitarian work has brought him to diverse communities in nations throughout the world including Indonesia, East Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Haiti.

In addition to his charitable projects, Rascona continues to produce leading work for the advertising and design communities. His insight and commitment to capturing dignified portraits of crisis around the world enable him to work with global creative teams to bring ideas and vision to life for an impressive international roster of clients.

Rascona’s unusual breadth of life experiences coupled with his tireless compassion and his dedication to creating non-disposable photographs, lends his subjects a clear and powerful voice regardless of whether a project is commercially based or supportive of his humanitarian works worldwide.

The images from these challenging projects are the result of international client’s trust - placed in Rodney, his global production experience and his understanding of the human condition. We’re proud to introduce Rodney as a friend and as a unique talent with extraordinary skills, who is joining his commercial business efforts with Katherine Hennessy of Kate & Company. Katherine is an independent representative that strives to create awareness to photographers who are passionate in their chosen fields of discipline and intertwine this drive within their personal lives and activities.

For more information about Rodney Rascona, please visit

For further information or commercial bookings please contact Katherine Hennessy at 617-549-9872 or katecompany(at)gmail(dot)com. Katherine can also be found on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (KatecoMom).

Original Press Release: New York December 1, 2010

Veteran Advertising Photographer Rodney Rascona Named Winner
of Lucie Awards' 2010 Photographer of the Year: Deeper Perspective

Announces Follow-up to His Award-Winning Pink Door Photographs from Haiti and
Upcoming Humanitarian Projects and Exhibitions for 2011

New York, NY – December 1, 2010 – Chosen from a pool of more than 15,000 entries from 103 countries, seasoned advertising photographer Rodney Rascona was recently named 2010 Photographer of the Year: Deeper Perspective by the Lucie Foundation’s International Photography Awards (IPA) for his series of iconic images from Haiti. Rascona’s work, The Pink Door Photographs, was celebrated and acknowledged by the global photography community at the 8th Annual Lucie Awards as one of this year’s most outstanding photographic achievements.

In partnership with The Paradigm Project, an organization recently recognized by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton at the 2010 Clinton Global Initiative, Rascona was invited to Jacmel, Haiti, just two months after a massive earthquake devastated the country to produce a collection of portraits exploring a message of hope. “I wanted to create a series of photographs that hadn’t been attempted before, at least not in a relief setting, to show the vitality and spirit that embodies the Haitian people, if only for a brief moment,” said Rascona. To that end, he captured forty-five survivors struggling in the aftermath of the disaster yet refusing to be defined by the images of dead bodies and massive rubble circulating the world. Conveying both hope and dignity, The Pink Door Photographs is a poignant collection of images created to inspire and motivate the global community to continue to assist in Haiti’s reconstruction and recovery.

In 2011, the first part of the photo series will be on exhibit in New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, London, Barcelona and Dubai, as Rascona heads back to Jacmel to shoot a second installment of The Pink Door Photographs. With a cholera epidemic throwing Haiti back into the world spotlight, the award-winning photographer will revisit his original subjects to capture a firsthand glimpse into their lives one year after the earthquake. While there, Rascona will also travel to the capital city of Port-au-Prince to begin a new project addressing child slavery in Haiti. In capturing their stories he hopes to play his part in raising global awareness about this exploitative practice, giving voice and meaning to the lives of the more than 300,000 innocent children—known as resteveks—affected.

In addition to his work in Haiti, Rascona will travel to East Africa and London in 2011 to shoot a series of images for various non-governmental organizations. In January, he will return to remote desert villages in northern Kenya to resume his black and white portrait series of nomadic women and young girls living in the drought zones. There he will continue to chronicle their daily struggle to survive with limited supplies of water and fuel wood due to the effects of deforestation and climate change. In February, Rascona will travel to the Kili region of Tanzania to create images in support of Arnold's House, a facility providing safe housing and educational resources for up to 80 children whose lives have been derailed by HIV/AIDS. He will then head to London to photograph a young woman suffering with cystic fibrosis highlighting the challenges of maintaining her stringent daily health regimen as she faces the typical issues of young adulthood.

About The Paradigm Project

The Paradigm Project's mission is to create sustainable economic, social and environmental value within developing world communities. As a low-profit limited-liability company, Paradigm helps well-established global relief and development organizations identify, fund and develop scalable projects that meet immediate humanitarian needs, while simultaneously creating lasting community benefits through project-developed carbon revenues.

At this year's Clinton Global Initiative, The Paradigm Project was selected from a large pool of contenders in the Environment and Energy category as ”an exemplary approach to addressing challenges in Environment and Energy” for humanitarian projects under development in Kenya, Haiti and other developing world countries.

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