NextServices Launches "enki-go" Training and Implementation Program for Medical Practices that Cuts Down Typical EHR Start-Up and Training Time by Over 60-80%

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NextServices launches "enki-go" program, dramatically reducing EHR training and implementation time with creative design elements and simplified user interface.

A complete EHR and billing platform that helps you get back to medicine.

The learning and setup curves are not steep. enki can conform to your practice and how you currently operate in a paper world into a digital world which make the transition easier...

Created by NextServices, enki mobile EHR, is a platform developed with the future of healthcare delivery in mind. enki was developed utilizing cloud computing and mobile technology while maintaining a clear focus on interoperability (or the ability to speak with other systems). Additionally, enki mobile EHR has deeply integrated practice management and revenue cycle management features. Setting the product further apart, are clinical back office services that make the entire platform seamless.

"At the outset, diving into the development of a new EHR, it was very clear to us that focus needed to be on simplicity and acknowledging how physicians render care in the practice setting. Most systems in today's marketplace are overwhelming in design, going against the very principle of why EHR's are being touted as a necessity; to improve upon the interaction with patients and quality of care while reducing the resources consumed in a paper based world. With the 'enki-go' program, we have simplified the setup and training process down to the basic levels of documenting patient charts " says Satish Malnaik, CEO of NextServices

In two separate test cases, the "enki-go" program has been measured to reduce training and implementation time down to less than 5 days for solo practices and under 10 days for a group practice of seven specialist physicians.

The design of the cloud-based enki EHR was conceptualized in response to the growing demand for a mobile EHR that doesn't require practices to either slow or shut down the practice for days or weeks at a time. Requiring large amounts of upfront costs to purchase and implement such a system is a thing of the past, as is losing revenue due to bringing such a solution on board. The basic principles that drove the design and now drive efficiency and cost savings were:

  • Flexibility: enki offers a great amount of flexibility to user interaction so that the system is built around the doctor's way of working and not the other way round.
  • Inbuilt intelligence: simplifies the user experience by actively utilizing an analytical engine to handle clinical, insurance and demographic rules.
  • One physician at a time, one patient at a time: integrate services, personalized down the level of a single user and interaction, so that the emphasis is on quality and focus of care resulting in good medicine.

These principles resulted in a product and platform that, when recently implemented at 3 separate medical facilities, clearly demonstrated the time saved to train both providers and users. In addition to the cost savings and the pain associated with bringing on an EHR, the new design approach also ensures the end result is as close to the paper chart, which is highly desired by the physicians. The simplicity of the EHR features made learning very intuitive and exploratory, whereby many users were able to figure their way around with relative ease. Such an approach also ensured that any one that accesses the medical chart or record also found it easier to scan through and isolate the relevant information they were looking for.

“Our experience with enki from day one has been very favorable. Easy to use and train staff. enki is not menu driven and is easy for novice PC users to master. The learning and setup curves are not steep. enki can conform to your practice and how you currently operate in a paper world into a digital world which make the transition easier. The people from enki understand the stresses of change and make every effort to make it as painless as possible," states enki (NextServices) client and Practice Administrator, James Cella.

NextServices, the resource and backbone of enki mobile EHR, offers physicians a complete suite of healthcare solutions and services customized for medical facilities, surgery centers, labs, and specialty practices, under one seamless platform. NextServices products and services include: revenue cycle management, healthcare analytics, practice management software, medical billing services, practice consulting, along with the Drummond Certified mobile electronic health records software (enki EHR).

enki mobile EHR addresses every healthcare provider’s needs for mobile, easy to use, web based electronic medical records. The enki EHR platform (by NextServices) is not just a standalone EHR product but an EHR ecosystem that is changing the way healthcare gets delivered. The interface can be customized in seconds, which means each provider can have a personalized interaction based on their preference. enki mobile EHR knows you, your specialty, your patients, their insurances, and your billing trends. An inbuilt proprietary analytics engine learns as it goes along, helping maximize revenue and drive better patient care.

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NextServices is one of the leading providers of cloud-based revenue cycle management services and healthcare delivery solutions. Bringing an innovative approach to combining technology and services, NextServices offers a seamlessly integrated platform of web based and mobile software. NextServices state of the art solutions for specialist healthcare providers deliver superior value for small / mid-sized specialty practices and to ambulatory surgery centers. For more information contact (866) 648-6314 or visit the company's websites at and


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