Law Enforcement Driver Training 2.0: Easydrift Debuts New Product to Improve Quality and Lower Training Costs

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Auto accidents claimed the lives of 64 police officers nationwide in 2010...and 622 deaths since 2001. According to the National Law Enforcment Officers Memorial Fund, auto accidents have been second only to guns as the leading cause of death for our dedicated law enforcement officers and every year the problem worsens. The Easydrift Driver Training System is designed to help instructors identify the driver’s weaknesses - lack of eye, hand, and foot coordination which is the basic requirement for safe driving.

Law Enforcement Instructors Practice Skid Recovery with the EasyDrift System

Law Enforcement Driver Training: Slower, Safer and More Effective

Our goal is to reduce law enforcement vehicle related accidents...we take this calling seriously

A Revolution in Law Enforcement Driver Training

Easydrift burst onto the law enforcement training scene two years ago with their revolutionary approach to improve law enforcement driver training. Law enforcement agencies now have an extremely cost effective option for teaching skid recovery training versus the traditional method of using a skid pad and sprinkler system or very complex hydraulic systems. Terry Earwood, a professional race car driver and advanced driving instructor states “Only when we put the student in an ‘adverse situation’, can we see his or her natural response, and subsequently begin to coach the proper techniques, and it’s simply easier and cheaper to begin this training in a low speed, controlled, ‘skid environment’, while coaching from the right seat." Larry Wagner L.E. Coordinator / Instructor at Manatee Tech Law Enforcement Academy also quotes ”What I like most about the DTS is the fact that we do not need to have the student purposely skid to teach them recovery techniques. Additionally, having them travel into an exercise at 17-22 MPH utilizing the DTS is much safer than the speed traveled before on four regular tires to train the same techniques”.

Easydrift’s advanced driver training system (DTS) has now been improved both from a design and a materials perspective. These improvements make the product much easier for law enforcement training staff to install and remove the DTS product from the tire on which it is interlocked. In addition the Easydrift engineers have minimized unwanted side effects such as vibration and shuddering while training vehicles are sliding or skidding. These improvements translate into less wear and tear on the transmission, suspension system and the axle.
These design modifications significantly improve installation of the DTS system and reduce the installation time by almost 80%.
“Initially, our Driver Training System was installed on the vehicle’s tires using soap, water and a heavy hammer” states Louis Callard, the company’s managing partner. “Today, installation is much simpler and requires only a small tire vacuum and very little manual labor. This is a huge plus for the busy training units.”
The new DTS product has undergone extensive testing and law enforcement agencies that deploy the system will find that the new system reduces wear and tear and is also much quieter. The end result is that training will be more enjoyable. Law enforcement professionals are able to train longer and more effectively and trainers are getting better feedback on technique flaws which could result in serious injuries while responding to real emergency situations. “We often have feedback from EVOC instructors stating that their students are becoming smoother drivers after proper Easydrift training. That’s extremely positive because although there is a saying, smooth is fast, we also preach, smooth is Safe.
Callard feels strongly about the value of Easydrift: “Our goal is to reduce law enforcement vehicle related accidents and more specifically law enforcement vehicle related deaths. We take this calling very seriously and want to reduce the risks posed by these men and women who put put their lives on the line every day.”

Founded in 2009 in Florida, Easydrift,LLC is pursuing driver safety with the use of the Driver Training System to educate and train law enforcement personnel on how to recognize and recover from a loss of adherence and eliminate a potentially deadly situation.
You can inquire about Easydrift’s DTS system for your Agency online at:
Louis Callard is available for interviews and can be reached at louis(at)easydriftusa(dot)com


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