The Bible: Absolute Truth in a Scientific, Historical World

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Without properly understanding Genesis, there can be no understanding of morality, epistemology or salvation. “Did Jesus Believe Genesis?” is a textbook to counteract the falsities presented in secular and even Christian university classrooms.

Holy Fire Publishing ( releases “Did Jesus Believe Genesis?” (Paperback, U.S. $19.95, ISBN# 978-1-60383-425-4). Charles L. Sanders shows that a literal belief in Genesis, supported by the Bible, science and history, is required to avoid disastrous consequences for biblical Christianity.

Sanders’ book shows how the biased assumptions and unproven “facts” of evolution and big bang, and the denial of Genesis’ Flood of Noah and the lives of the Patriarchs, that are being regularly taught in the church and in both secular and Christian colleges, are causing young people to leave the church in ever-increasing numbers. He declares that Scripture, science and archaeology affirm the truth of Genesis.

“Modern astronomy isn’t science but unconstrained speculation and illusions. Our Milky Way galaxy is in a special place in the universe. New stars and biological species are not being formed as predicted by the big bang and evolution assumptions. Enormous gaps in the fossil record and presence of soft tissues in dinosaur and other fossils disproves evolution. Evidence for a universal Flood is reflected in the geological and fossil records, the history of countries throughout the world and in the archaeological record.”—Charles L. Sanders

“In his book ‘Did Jesus Believe Genesis?’, Dr. Sanders remains true to his conviction that the Bible is our source for truth. He carefully demonstrates the fundamental flaws and weaknesses of assumptions made in the fields of cosmology, astronomy, evolution, archeology, paleontology and geology. He then gives scientific validation for biblical truth. His work is brilliant and enlightening. I have known Dr. Sanders for 30 years. This book is in keeping with his character, his work as a scientist and his faith as a Christian. This book is a great resource for young Christians entering or attending college. It is also an excellent resource for pastors, youth workers and Bible teachers as an apologetic of biblical truth in view of modern science.”—David Lanning (M.S., Physics), Senior Pastor, Springfield Faith Center, Springfield, Oregon

Charles L. Sanders, who has a doctorate in biophysics, has served as a researcher and professor at Battelle Northwest Laboratories, Washington State University and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. He has been involved with a variety of Christian ministries for over 40 years. He has taught biblical archaeology and apologetics at a Bible college in Oregon and in Korea. He has published three books on cancer and radiobiology: “Radiation Hormesis and the Linear-No-Threshold Assumption” (2010); “Toxicological Aspects of Energy Production” (1986); “Ionizing Radiation: Tumorigenic and Tumoricidal Effects” (1983), and continues to write for scientific and Christian projects. Sanders became a Christian in 1971. Married with 5 children and 10 grandchildren, he and his wife reside in Loveland, CO.

Holy Fire Publishing (, publisher of hundreds of Christian books, helps Christian authors reach the world through the printed word.

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