Family Law Gets Focus as Divorce Number Rises and the Marriage Institution Continues its Decline

Share Article gives us a closer look at the legal matters revolving around a divorce and the different consequences that most families eventually face during this crisis.

Encouraging people to infuse these core values before a marriage and providing useful information might just help them keep the family unit strong even after the separation.

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As of 2010, more than 30 percent of all marriages around the world ended up in divorce. In an attempt to educate regarding this problem, is sharing information on legal matters that focus on helping people realize the general effects of divorce. The site administrative team sees knowledge as a way to encourage readers to understand the legal responsibilities of parents undergoing divorce, in relation to family law and societal standards.

“Marriage is more than just a blissful act of affection; it’s a union between two people, which should be fuelled by trust, loyalty, love and responsibility. Unfortunately, more people are getting in and out of marriage without realizing the results of their actions. I think that encouraging people to infuse these core values before a marriage and providing useful information on matters regarding child custody and divorce laws in general might just help them keep the family unit strong even after the separation,” states Tiffany Gonzales of

The number of divorce cases is on the rise. More and more people get married at a younger age. Many children who end up becoming troubled and lost often share the predisposing factor of a broken family. Sadly, even victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, human trafficking and exploitation often have this in common. It creates a notion that many kids who go through these problems eventually wind up becoming destructive to self and society in the future. The worst part of it is that many separated couples give so little regard to child support and care.

The family is the functional unit of a community and parents play the same role within the family. Once married couples decide to separate, it leads to a domino effect that influences the entire society. However, a real family doesn’t just require a married couple to be able to play its role in a community. People tend to forget the fact that a broken family only really turn out to be broken because the members choose to leave it broken. “If couples are only more aware of their roles as parents and not just husband and wife, there would be a greater possibility that a divorce would not result in a dysfunctional family. If people are only more conscious and informed of the laws and their responsibilities even after the divorce, we might just be able to cure this problem of our society,” says Gonzales.

People can get a better understanding of the entire scenario by checking out the infographic featured here.

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