The Successful Demonstration of the Bonding of Metal to ALON® Optical Ceramic Creates many New Opportunities in Critical Applications that Include Oil and Gas Drilling

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Conventional metalizing and brazing techniques used for Alumina and sapphire are not directly applicable to ALON. However, Surmet has now successfully demonstrated a novel metalizing technique that results in hermetic brazed joints with high strength and durability while preserving ALON’s optical, IR and RF transparency. Mechanical integrity of the braze joint is maintained over a wide range of temperatures. This is a significant development as it enables materials and engineering challenges to be addressed in such applications as: sensor housings, windows for harsh chemical and windows for high pressure/temperature environments. The bonding of ALON to engineering metals and alloys such as Kovar, Hexalloy, Stainless steel, Niobium and Molybdenum is now possible.

ALON® Optical Ceramic window hermitically bonded to metal

Photograph showing ALON® window hermitically bonded to metallic fixture.

The bonding of ALON® Optical Ceramic to engineering metals and alloys such as Kovar, Hexalloy, Stainless steel, Niobium and Molybdenum is now possible.

While ALON has comparable mechanical (hardness and strength) and dielectric properties to alumina, its transparency and superior chemical resistance makes it a preferred, and ‘See Through’ alternative for many applications. Current applications of ALON such as transparent armor, sensor and reconnaissance windows and domes exploit its unique combination of optical (UV to MWIR transparency), mechanical (high hardness, strength and durability) properties.

This new bonding technology, will extend the application of ALON to new applications, including Oil and Gas drilling where ceramic and metal components must be joined.

Founded in 1982, Surmet Corporation is an Advanced Materials Technology Company, with a vertically integrated manufacturing capability. In addition to multiple facilities in Massachusetts, including its Headquarters, Surmet also has R&D and manufacturing facilities in Buffalo, NY and Murrieta, CA.

Surmet thanks the US Department of Defense and Department of Energy for their support through R&D and technology transition funding.

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